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Staying connected via social gaming and virtual sports - best social experiences online

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Social gaming and virtual sports create social experiences online. Find out where to bet on top virtual sports online.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of casinos is a room filled with slots and table games. This is the setting of a land-based casino and often the games you find here are limited.

With modern technology, casinos have shifted online allowing for the creation of online casino games. And while the majority of online casinos are primarily focused on real money gameplay in solitude, there's a social gambling element to discover.

Gaming with friends

Online casino gameplay doesn't have to be private, in fact, recently it has been made even easier to gamble with friends. Online casinos and software providers are working around the clock to boost entertainment levels and add a social element to online casino entertainment.

Research has shown that it is now even easier to connect with both friends and strangers in an online casino. You can sit in front of a shared screen and play a game of roulette or other table games together.

Some games even allow you to team up and take turns deciding the numbers and colours to bet on with each game round.

The rise of slots

Online slots are definitely the most popular game of choice at the moment but might not be a top choice in terms of social games.

These are primarily seen as solo games rather than social casino games. With tournaments and the innovation of community slots, there is no reason to play slots in solitude any longer. Thanks to community slots, it gets especially entertaining if one person activates a bonus game and everyone else joins in, in an attempt to win the jackpot. When won, the prize pool is distributed among all the players.

It's all about teamwork and social gaming - No longer just a one-man gaming adventure!

Bingo online

Bingo is a popular game that went from being played in land-based bingo rooms to bingo rooms online. Today there are various bingo game options available online where you will find game variations and innovative bingo ticket forms. You can explore these alone or with your group of friends.

If it's the social element you're after then bingo is a must. You will be able to communicate via dedicated chat rooms while getting to enjoy the entertainment together even in times when you are stuck in a different location.

Virtual sports

Sports betting restrictions are determined by sports events and seasons, with the innovation of virtual sports betting online, this is changing. Sports bettors no longer have to stick to certain events and sports during certain times of the year.

Thanks to virtual sports betting, you'll get to enjoy a whole new avenue of betting where there are different virtual events to bet on including horse races and soccer matches.

These virtual sports work through fixed odds games and are based on various sports. The outcome is determined using a random number generator and algorithm ensuring it is always fair. Again, this is not just something enjoyed in solitude but among friends.

Where to bet and play?

If you're looking for space where you can enjoy quality online betting on virtual sports and social games then Pixel.bet is the casino for you! This online casino offers the best in virtual sports and online casino games.

Pixel.bet Casino is backed by LeoVegas Casino and is seen as the next generation in gaming. You can access this casino via your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

There are more than 1,500 games to choose from, around the clock support, and premium payment methods for funding your casino account.

CasinoWow recommends trying Pixel.bet if you're looking to get in on the best in social gaming and virtual sports betting action!

Published: November 29, 2020

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