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The Best Online Bingo Casino Games

Bingo has earned a false stereotype of being an older person’s game. This could not be further from the truth. Traditionally, online bingo games are friendly for all age groups. The real-money bingo games involve number matching and win pay-outs and are available to players from 18 years and older.

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Top Five Bingo Online Casinos

Play all the best lotto and Bingo games online at the top 5 leading casinos for real money! CasinoWow's team have chosen the best performing online casinos for your country so you are not left in wonders which is the most reliable site to play at:

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Stay informed with all insights on the gambling industry online - from strategies about games to country regulations, and payment method guides! CasinoWow has it all - choose from the top casino game guides below or visit our guides section for more:

Bingo's Origin

Bingo traditionally finds its routes in Italy, wherein in the 16th century, this numbers game was adopted as their form of National Lottery. The familiarity of the coloured balls compares to what we see in land-based lottery draws today. The game then crept its way around the world and has become a favourite pastime for many people worldwide, for the past 4 centuries.

Game Variations

Just like in the other casino game genres, there are a few variations of the Bingo game out there. They generally fall under the same three headings:

1. Low Wager Bingo: Here, the buy-in amounts and bets are kept to a minimum. These games are usually a stepping stone to higher wager games in the future, but the low stakes make for a great training ground.

2. Classic Bingo: Here, betting increments are reasonable and wins made can tally up quite nicely in your bankroll.

3. High Roller/VIP Bingo: Here, the bet values are far higher, to appeal to high rolling players that have access to much more funds than the average player. They bet big to win big.

How Bingo Works?

You will buy a bingo card consisting of several grids of numbers on a card. Each grid is usually a combination of various numbers made up in a 5x5 layout.

Once you have received your card, numbers and letters will be drawn. If they correlate with said letters and numbers on your grid, the game will mark the position on your sheet. Should you manage to score 5 successive positions either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on a single grid, you will win Bingo!

In a bingo hall, you would shout “bingo” to win the round, but online, the machine will notify you of the win and allocate the prize in correlation to the bet you placed.

The CasinoWow Experience

We identify with the fact that the internet is a big place and can be daunting, especially in the area of online gambling. It is for this reason that CasinoWow exists! We are veterans in the industry, and we offer our site as a service that provides the best gambling games from the most reputable casino operators in the world. Choosing from our games selection ensures safety and peace of mind when playing, as we have vetted each casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Bingo games online with Real Money?

The booming online casino industry offers a similar game lineup as its land-based counterparts. Bingo is one of the well-loved games punters can find online where you can play with and win real money. You can also play with a community of bingo lovers at casinos like William Hill.

Which is the best provider of Bingo Games online?

There is no lack of igaming providers, that is why CasinoWow makes it our mission to test, review and rate only the best out there. We review legitimate providers in the online gambling industry. Microgaming has a brilliant portfolio of Bingo titles that incorporate amazing bonus features and jackpots.

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