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£2.5m GambleAware investment to expand gaming education

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GambleAware is investing £2.5m to help expand the GamCare-led education program across England and Wales.

A priority focus around the world is minimising risk and increasing awareness of responsible gaming.

GambleAware is a leading organisation that runs various projects, including a Gambling Education Hub Service.

The organisation recently made a £2.5 million investment into expanding its Gambling Education Hub Services across England and Wales.

Success leads to expansion

GamCare is a prominent safer gambling charity that has been awarded a grant for leading the expansion. They will be working with several education partners in the respected regions, including YGAM and Adferiad Recovery.

The expansion comes after the successful pilot in Scotland, which received a lot of positive feedback. About 92% of practitioners stated that they are more confident in their capability to identify signs of gambling harm. This is compared to the 35% who felt confident to do so before any training.

On top of that, 8 out of 10 youth participants stated that they now have better knowledge regarding the potential harms of online gambling. And from this, 84% confidently state they know where they can get help should it be needed.

The GambleAware CEO, Zoë Osmond, says that in this time, where young people get more exposure to online gambling, it should be a priority to have local programs that provide gambling education and information on preventing harm.

Osmond continues by saying that the hope is for the new Gambling Education Hubs in Wales and England to have the same short-term impact as previously experienced. They are also excited to be able to award grants to some of the most experienced organisations in these regions.

More about the expansion

GamCare will lead the expansion of GEHS, and the aim is to build on the success of the Scottish Hub. The latter succeeded in delivering education to nearly 3,000 professionals and volunteers working with young people. Along with the professionals, they also provided training and education to young people, parents, and carers.

The GamCare Chief Executive, Anna Hemmings, states it is exciting to be part of the project, and they look forward to building on the successes of the previous work. The new program aims to increase local and national education and support visibility. GamCare is excited to be partnering with GambleAware as they attempt to reduce gambling-related harms among the youth.

Hemmings reveals they are thrilled about receiving the grant, enabling them to deliver gambling education hubs across England. They will also work by collaborating with several organisations that bring their expertise to the project. This includes the Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA), Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM), Aquarius, Breakeven, Beacon, and Neca.

With their investment in GEHS, GambleAware hopes to expand the youth education programs so it may reach all communities and ensure peak engagement on a local level. The expansion is critical considering the exposure to gambling among the youth, thanks to the growth in online gaming and social media.

A 2020 study shows that 94% of British youth between the ages of 11 and 17 have been exposed to gambling adverts monthly. With this data, new restrictions were put in place on industry advertisers. However, there is still an obligation to raise awareness of potential gambling problems and minimise gambling harm among the youth.

Published: May 3, 2022

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