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The evolution of classic slot games 2023

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Travel back in time to see how classic online slot games have developed and changed from then to now.

Stepping into an online casino is a very exciting moment as a world of gaming potential unfolds in front of your eyes.

One of the staples of the online gaming industry is the slot collection, which contains different styles and genres for all types of players.

And to think - it all started with classic slot games featuring a single payline and evolved into feature-filled titles with thousands of ways to win!

Classic slots: An evolution

Despite the massive selection of slot games available in the online gaming industry, the classic slot machine will always have a special place in the hearts of players.

The very first slot machine was the Liberty Bell, which was created in 1894 in San Francisco. It was a simple game with 3 reels and a single payline. The developer, Charles August Fay, added symbols like Hearts, Spades, the Liberty Bell, Horseshoes, and Diamonds. Symbols you still see popping up across different slots today.

The Liberty Bell slot was the drive and inspiration that led to the creation of fruit machines in the early 20th century, electromechanical slots in the 1960s, and video slots in the 1980s. It all came together in the early 2000s when the first online slot was created.

Since the launch of the first online slot, the development of slot games has gone from strength to strength. With the latest innovations and technology, it seems nothing is impossible when it comes to new and unique additions to improve online slot gameplay.

Today, there are so many different types of slot games you can choose from:


Features for all

Initially, slot games were created with reels, symbols, and paylines that could lead to a set payout. As advancements were made, software developers started playing around and adding different elements to improve the online gaming experience.

This led to the creation of different volatility levels, different themes, cute animations, and exciting bonus features. If you want to go in-depth, please check our online slots and their main features guide.

One of the biggest boosts for the online slot gaming industry was the addition of bonus features. Which takes you from playing a simple spin to win to clicking a button and entering a mini-bonus game or two.

You can enjoy many different features, including free spins, click-and-win bonus games, multipliers, wilds, walking wilds, sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and so much more. The features keep getting better and more immersive. Some even have a more interactive design, which makes it feel more like a video game than a casino game.

And the best part of all is that the majority of online slots are available in real money, but you can also play slots for free. This means that you get to test them out by playing the demo version before you start playing the real money version. It’s especially beneficial for new players who are still learning the ropes of slot gameplay.

Curious about casino game history?

Today, you can enter any online casino and access the best, whether online slots, video slots, classic slots, live dealer games, or even table games. The luxury of choice was not always there, especially in the first days of casino games.

If you’re curious to learn more about the rise of slots and their progression, then visit the CasinoWow guide to The History of Casino Games. Here, we take you on a walk down memory lane, exploring the development of casino games through the years.

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