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Can big winners get banned from online casinos?

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Many things could get you kicked out of a casino. We check to see if big frequent wins are one of them.

There are set rules and restrictions regarding playing at offline or online casinos. Breaking any of these rules could lead to suspending your account or getting kicked out of the casino.

We look closer at casinos and their stance on big and frequent winnings. Could you get kicked out for your winnings? We’re about to find out.

The impact of too many wins

Winning is not something that happens every day for a casino player. The odds are rarely in your favour, and when you win, it is considered a strike of luck.

If there are players who are constantly winning, questions might be raised. The reality is that casinos can’t ban you for plenty of wins at an online or land-based casino. If you trigger a jackpot, they can’t refuse the payout unless there are some issues with the machine that can be proven.

While banning a player from constantly winning would make sense, there is no real benefit for any casino. It might hurt them more than it could benefit them.

Word-of-mouth recommendations can quickly turn into blocks. One player spreading negative commentary about an operator refusing to pay out can soon become a significant player boycott. As with any other industry, the bad news travels just as fast, if not quicker, than the good news.

Possible transgressions

The only time that you could possibly get kicked out of a casino is for card counting. However, this is a bit more complicated as card counting is technically legal. According to one New Jersey Supreme Court ruling, players can’t be blocked simply because of their skills.

That being said, plenty of casinos discourage counters on blackjack tables. Pit bosses always keep a close watch; if a card counter is spotted, they could be removed from the premises. They will first receive a warning from security that catches them in the act, and if they continue with card counting, they will be kicked out.

Casinos don't favour or allow some obvious things. This includes cheating and violating the casino’s policies. If you’re caught cheating or going against the rules by, for instance, creating multiple accounts, then you will be kicked out. Fairness is a priority, and these discrepancies are not considered fair to the casino and other players.

A win for all

Instead of attacking players, the leading sites and casinos will choose to celebrate their victories. Showcasing the wins and making other players feel like there’s hope. Many online casinos have a hall of fame section where you can view all the most recent and most significant wins.

With the promotion of wins, the sites are opening the doors for more eager players looking to strike a big win. The minute players see anything about wins at certain casinos and on specific casino games, they tend to flock toward the topic of discussion. At the end of the day, everybody hopes to end a game session as a winner.

The objective is to create a space that provides fair entertainment for all. And this can only be done by making sure rules are abided by.

Published: February 7, 2024

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