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Wazdan's plans for online slot innovation

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Andrzej Hyla, the Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, gives insight into the software developers' latest innovations and industry focus.

The gambling industry keeps growing, and the constant development of technology brings new opportunities every day. Today, the online gaming market is more than just a simple click-and-win setup. It features so much more.

Software providers are always working on new and exciting things to improve the user experience. For software provider Wazdan, this includes more dedication and focus on slot innovation.

Wazdan's feature focus

In a recent interview, Wazdan's Chief Commercial Officer Andrzej Hyla speaks about the industry, its growth and emerging trends with a special focus on their plans for future online slots by Wazdan.

Hyla believes that maximising the online gaming experience is a top priority for all software providers. The provider takes a proactive approach to address concerns like low coverage and game accessibility.

Wazdan recently brought out their new innovative slot series, Extremely Light. This series is specifically designed with players in mind who may have older devices or struggle with network connections.

The slot series indicates Wazdan's commitment to creating excellent casino games accessible to all. They consume less energy, load faster, and run smoother on most devices. Making it possible for more players to enjoy immersive gaming experience despite technical limitations.

Hyla pointed out that the Wazdan team understands that seamless gameplay is a crucial challenge when connectivity is an issue. For this reason, they've implemented an Energy Saving Mode to all their games. With this feature, players get to extend their gameplay sessions while at the same time preserving their device resources.

This allows for an enjoyable time at Wazdan casinos despite limited data coverage or slower devices.

Innovative bonus features that stand out

There's no denying that the online casino market is highly competitive, but differentiation and player engagement are priorities for providers who wish to succeed. At Wazdan, the team is dedicated to finding all possible challenges the environment offers and creating features that will set them apart.

One of these features is Cash Infinity™, which captures the attention and increases player engagement. It seamlessly guides players into the beloved Hold the Jackpot bonus round, where winning big wins and jackpot payouts is possible. The success and multi-award nominated 9Coins slot series is a testament to this feature on player engagement.

One of the best features is the Chance Level, which increases users' chances of triggering bonus rounds. It's a simple feature with a big impact, allowing players to take control of the experience.

Modern players and operator challenges

The industry keeps changing, including the player types and expectations. Modern players have higher expectations and want a more personal betting experience. This is why Wazdan focuses on meeting this specific need and setting a new standard in doing so.

Games run smoothly across all devices, and the latest Extremely Light series goes beyond the surface to create an immersive experience with smooth performance and rapid loading across all devices. In many ways, Hyla believes it's setting a new benchmark for mobile gameplay.

Wazdan further plans to expand its presence in various markets, including North America. For Wazdan, North America is pivotal to their expansion strategy as there's a lot of interest in the industry here. Hyla believes the expansion here will trigger a domino effect and remarkable industry growth.

Wazdan is dedicated to expanding into as many regions as possible, enabling local players to enjoy their extensive range of over 180 games from anywhere.

Published: October 9, 2023

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