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Apple Pay Casinos

One of the most welcome surprises on the online casino payment method front in the past half a decade has been that of Apple Pay, which has revolutionised the mobile payment segment to provide an extremely efficient service for gamblers on the go in Apple Pay Casinos.

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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile application payment solution that allows you to make payments via your mobile device in ‘real-time’ for products and services at various types of supporting merchants. You can secure purchases to online web stores, at land-based retailers, in apps, and even make payment to friends and family via the message service on your iOS device.

It acts as a form of mobile e-wallet and affords you the extra luxury of loading several debit/credit cards to the wallet for spending, several rewards cards, tickets, and even boarding passes. All your vital information is stored in one secure location for easy access and prompt usage.

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