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Bank Transfer Casinos

Electronic transfers are available to casino goers, but like credit card payments, you will need to enter your sensitive banking information onto the casino site forms to enable the process of bank transfer payments. So, for those who don’t want any of the risk nor stress of having to contend with too much new technology, there is always the option of funding your online casino account by doing a bank wire transfer.

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What is a Bank Transfer?

Also known as a SWIFT transfer, a Bank Transfer is a bank to a bank funds transfer that is initiated by you visiting or contacting the bank and instructing them to make a direct transfer of a specified sum of money into a casino’s/merchants banking account.

Usually, this transaction is undertaken via your personal bank. However, there are also dedicated companies such as Western Union and MoneyGram that offer this service, but this will require a visit to your closest branch to carry out the transaction.

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