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Online casinos are so dominated by slot games, table games, and roulette options, that people sometimes forget that there are some very entertaining dice games that can rake in the rewards for you. The two most popular dice games at online casinos today are Craps and Sic Bo games.

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Sic Bo


Sic Bo

  • Type Sic Bo Games
  • Released24/09/2020
  • RTP97.22%
  • Jackpot180x bet
  • Volatilitylow

A Beginner's Online Sic Bo Guide

Sic Bo is directly translated from Chinese as “Precious Dice”. It is however also known in China as tai sai or dai siu, translated into English as Big/Small or Hi/Lo.

The Sic Bo game includes a betting board and a set of three dice (unlike craps that employ two dice). Your job is to bet on the outcome of the three dice, much like you bet on the outcome of the wheel before it spins in Roulette. Once you have placed your bets, the dice can be thrown.

Though there are a significant number of wager types, they can be summarised into 4 main bet types, namely:

Single: Placing a single bet, means you are placing a bet on a number that will appear on at least one of the dice.

Double: Placing this bet means that you are wagering that a specific number will be rolled on two dice.

Triple: Should you believe that a specific number will show up on all three dice, then place a triple bet. You can also place a general bet that the dice will land on three of the same number, without stipulating the number.

Total: This is one of the simplest bets that can be made in Sic Bo. You can bet on the total value of the 3 dice added together. You can choose from numbers 4 through 17.

There are other grouped bets available, similar to what you would get in Roulette. Here, your chances of winning are increased, but the payout is smaller. You can bet BIG or SMALL, EVEN or ODD. These are the most common Sic Bo wagers.

Sic Bo is purely a game of chance and employs no real strategy, as each isolated throw yields a random outcome. The average return to the player rating is akin to those you would expect to see on slot games. The RTP is, at best, around 96% to 97%.

The game is a high stakes game, where the payouts are high if you are willing to take a chance and succeed. If you choose a specific triple, you will haul in 180:1, whereas the best you will get from Roulette on a specific win is 36:1.

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