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The Best Crash Games to Play at Online & Crypto Casinos in 2024

Crash casino games were a breath of fresh air when they hit first in the crypto gambling space in 2014. The emerging gaming category was initially developed to appeal to Bitcoin enthusiasts who tracked the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices daily.

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Play xRide online casino game


EGT Digital


  • Type Crash Games
  • Released04/07/2023
  • RTP97.10%
  • Jackpot€20,000
  • Volatilitymedium

Gift X

  • Type Crash Games
  • Released01/12/2023
  • RTP97.00%
  • Jackpot10,000x bet
  • Volatilityhigh
Play Cash or Crash online

Cash or Crash

Evolution Gaming

Cash or Crash

  • Type Live Casino Games
  • Released03/09/2021
  • RTP99.59%
  • Jackpot50,000x bet
  • Volatilitymedium

Top Five Casinos with Crash Games

Play your favourite games, including Crash games, in popular casinos online! Here is our selection of the top five most recommended online casino sites, picked out by CasinoWow.

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Useful Game Guides

We have compiled a fantastic selection of casino game guides to help you stay on top of the ongoing updates in gambling regulations, new crypto gambling options, and the in-game features of popular titles.

How to Play Crash Games?

Bitcoin gambling on the blockchain became an instant hit, with players looking for crypto casinos that offered enhanced security, anonymity, instant cross-border transactions, and a chance to win big with crypto.

Crash games offered all of these benefits, along with the ability for players to check the results directly on the blockchain. The fact that it mimicked the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market was the final piece of the puzzle that guaranteed its success.

Crash games tapped into this mindset by having the player place their bet and then launching the next round. As with Bitcoin prices, the player gets to buy in, watch their stake grow in value, and ultimately decide when to exit the round. Leave too soon, and you leave money on the table. Wait too long, and the game crashes, taking your stake and winnings.

Snap decision-making is critical when learning how to play Crash games, as the win multipliers increase incredibly quickly, and hesitating for a second or two can see a 1000x win become a loss.

Crash Games Strategy

To excel in Crash games and master them well, it's crucial to establish a strategic approach.

Before placing your bet, decide if you want to follow a low-risk (multipliers of up to 1.5x), medium-risk (multipliers of up to 5x) or high-risk (do not cash out under 50x) strategy. You can also track the multipliers of other players and base your strategy on those results.

The Evolution of Crash Gambling

Alongside its popularity, which now spans both fiat and crypto gamblers, the format of Crash casino games has evolved dramatically. The early versions of crash games used a simple black background with a simple colour line that moved from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, showing increased value.

Developers like Aviator then played with this concept, having the win line appear to follow the trajectory of an aeroplane, a rocket ship, or even a cape-wearing superhero. The flagship Aviator title even allowed players to customise their NFT-based aircraft, which it promised would later be tradeable on its NFT marketplace.

Since then, we have seen incredible advancements in how the crash mechanic has been applied to various themes, such as Wasabi Whiskers, where you see how much sushi can be consumed; Fury Stairs, which emulates a classic video game; and Cappadocia, where you bet on how high a gorgeously rendered set of hot air balloons can ascend. Now that is FUN!

If you are new to Crash gambling, here are the three titles we recommend beginning your journey with:

1. Aviator: Enjoy one of the most popular Crash games online as you cruise to victory with up to two bets active at once, an auto cashout setting, and live stats for all active players.

2. Crash (Roobet exclusive): This Roobet branded exclusive game features several well-designed custom rocket ships, high-action gameplay, and big wins of more than 8,700x.

3. Crash (Duelbits exclusive): Rocket your way to big wins with a game set against the vastness of space. With Duelbits game, you can win up to $50,000 per game if you get lucky on your interstellar voyage.

These three releases offer a good look at what you should expect from a well-designed and trusted crash game from a leading casino software company. 

How High Are You Willing to Fly?

If you are interested in playing Crash games for real money, it is always a good idea to first choose a trusted casino to join and then find the game you want to play at that venue. This decision-making process ensures that you know the payouts will be fair, the customer service will be helpful, and your winnings will be honoured.

If you are looking for a new Crash-friendly online casino to join, we recommend starting with the following sites:

1. Roobet Casino (has exclusive Crash games)
2. Duelbits Casino (has exclusive Crash games)
3. Stake Casino (has exclusive Crash games)
4. BitStarz Casino
5. Empire.io Casino

In addition to having a fantastic reputation with the online gambling community and offering amazing welcome bonuses, they all offer an engaging selection of Crash and other crypto games, which will delight new players and longstanding fans in equal measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you win big by playing Crash games?

Many Crash games have win caps, but the most significant win recorded on an Evolution Gaming title is 50,000x bet.

Do casinos offer Crash gambling bonuses?

The casinos we list on this page are all Crash-friendly and allow wagering requirements to be met by playing crash games.

Are Crash games considered skill games?

Crash games are games of chance. Even though players have the final say in when to cash out, they cannot impact the game's odds.

Can I bet on Crash games with Bitcoin?

Crash games accept wagers with fiat and crypto, including Bitcoin.

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