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250%+ Deposit Match Bonus

The online casinos are aware that certain clients just need that extra bankroll boost. As such, it is not uncommon to see match bonuses of 250% (or more) offered on some of the top casino sites. There are always players looking to extend their bankroll and playtime beyond the norm. These players are usually not content enough with 50% or 100% match bonuses.

How 250%+ deposit match bonus works?

A deposit match bonus offered by a casino is a promotion that promises that the casino operator will match your cash deposit amount by a certain percentage. Usually, these offers are capped to protect players. A common example of a 250% bonus might look like this:

250% up to €500: If you claim this offer and deposit an amount of say €50, then the casino will offer you 250% of that amount (€125) on top of your deposit, which effectively leave you with a bankroll of €175 to spend at the casino, instead of only your €50. The highest deposit amount that could be matched by the above example would be a €200 one, as 250% of 200 is €500 (the cap).

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