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Guide to Exclusive Bonuses

Published by Kally | April 2, 2019

The explanation of Exclusive Casino Bonuses

In the cut-throat and competitive world of online gambling, casino bonuses are used as draw cards to entice online gamblers to play at and stay at their establishments.

It is no longer good enough to merely have a great selection of games to compete in this environment, as bonus hunters scour the net in favour of the best offers available in online gambling. The key to a successful casino remains its ability to convert a “one-hit wonder” into a steady member of the family.

In this guide, we will discuss Exclusive Bonuses. These special rewards are brilliant tools not only to draw new players to the casino but also to keep existing players coming back for more.

What are Exclusive Casino Bonuses?

Exclusive Bonuses are incentives offered to an exclusive selection of clients. This is done with the motive of making certain clients feel appreciated and valued, in the hope of getting them to spend more at the online casino. These types of bonuses usually offer far better rewards than standard run-of-the-mill bonuses and are designed to ensure that you are happy with the end result.

Most common forms of Casino Bonuses

Guide to Explanation of Exclusive Casino Bonuses

For a good run-down on common bonuses offered at casinos, you can read either our guide on Online Casino Bonuses Explained or read up on a particular one, via our various bonus guides.

The most commonly used bonus types that are packaged into Exclusive Bonuses include:

  • Deposit Bonus: This type of bonus requires the client to place a deposit down before being able to claim any bonus prize. The Deposit bonuses include promotions such as Deposit Match Bonuses, Package Bonuses and Cash Back Bonuses.
  • No Deposit Bonus: This form of bonus need not require an immediate deposit to be made to enjoy the perks of the promotion, but often comes with rigorous “Wagering Requirements”, or “Playthrough Requirements”, (see “Terms” section below). The No Deposit bonuses may include promos like Free Spin Bonus bundles and Free Cash Bonuses.

Who qualifies?

There are various unique groups of players that may be presented with Exclusive Bonuses, to meet their playing needs and desires. Here is a list of some of the more popular Exclusive Bonus offers:

High Roller Bonuses

The nature of a “high roller” is to spend big and bet high. This particular group of players would, therefore, need a specially catered bonus that supports their wants and desires. These may involve massive deposit matches and copious amounts of free spins. They will even include great exchange rates for “loyalty rewards” earned, or offer additional prizes in the form of complimentary airfares and holidays, etc.

Because High Roller bonuses generate a massive amount of income for a casino, the vendors can afford to splash out a bit more on offers geared to this sort of stalwart.

Low Roller Bonuses

These bonuses are designed for players that do not wish to spend seriously large amounts of money. Here, big matching amounts are offered on minimal deposits. One example may be a 200% deposit match when depositing no more than €50.

This type of promotion incentivises more game time by boosting your bankroll. It is true that the Wagering Requirements will be rather hefty, but when weighed against the opportunity and low risk involved, this ought to make any Low Roller happy.

Affiliate Sites

Often players will be handed an Exclusive Bonus if they were referred to the casino by an affiliating website. These bonuses will only be available to players coming through the selected third-party portal. Generally, there will be a link on the affiliate site with a “bonus code” that must be entered on the casino bonus page to activate the special promotion.

For a list of exclusive CasinoWow bonus promos available through our portal, at reviewed online casinos.

Nationality Bonuses

At first glance, this type of offer may seem discriminatory, but when you understand the intention behind it, you will no longer think so. Casinos may want to boost business in certain countries by incentivising all “sign-ups” that come from a particular nation. This is done purely with the motive of expanding the casino’s reach.

Currency Bonuses

This bonus will target players that play with certain currencies over others. For example, a British-based casino may want to draw more of a spread of clients from the rest of Europe, by incentivising bonuses to all players spending Euros at their casino. This is just a way of segmenting the market for the benefit of the “house”.

Terms and Conditions

In the early to mid-1990s bonuses offered were badly abused by casino patrons. They would claim bonuses and immediately withdraw the funds. To safeguard themselves against this sort of manipulation, casinos have now put in place stringent rules and requirements when clients use casino bonuses.

Failure to adhere to these rules could result in confiscation of funds or blacklisting from the casino and its partners. It is therefore vital that you read up on the casino’s policy on bonuses and promotions, to familiarise yourself with the fine print on rules of conduct. These common rules usually include:

Wagering Requirements

When deposits are matched, or bonus cash bonuses are given to you by a casino, you are more than likely tied into specific Wagering Requirements, or Playthrough Requirements, which expect that you wager the bonus a number of times before being able to draw on the winnings.

An example of such a bonus would look like this: 100% deposit match bonus with a Playthrough Requirement of 30x. This means that if you deposit €100, the casino will match that deposit with €100 to extend your bankroll to €200. You will have to wager that €100 given to you a minimum of 30 times before drawing any of the winnings. This means that you will have to bet an amount of €3000 before claiming any pay-outs.

With Free Spins, you will have to wager a certain number of times before they will become available to use.

Pay-out Limits

Most casinos will limit the amount of money you can withdraw when using one of their bonuses. This amount is usually quite high when using a High Roller Bonus, but not very high when using a Low Roller Bonus. Make sure you know what this limit is before signing up for the bonus, to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Expiry Dates

All bonuses are only valid for a limited amount of time. Depending on the type of bonus offered, the offers may be valid for 24 hours only. There are other offers that only need to be used and completed within 7 days, or in other cases a month.

Games Permissible

Be aware that some casino games may be excluded from the promotion. This is primarily due to the fact that the player edge is quite high. In other instances, you will be able to play these games, but they won’t count 100% towards your Wagering Requirements. For example, where certain slot games will contribute 100% towards the Wagering Requirement (1:1), a game like Blackjack may contribute only 50% of the wager towards the requirement (1:2), which means you will have to bet twice as much on such games.

How to claim the Exclusive Bonus

  • For new player bonuses, you will need to sign up at the casino first before being able to qualify for the bonus. Once registered, you can go to the casino’s bonus page to claim it. If the offer was made through a third-party affiliate, you may have to enter a special code to activate the offer.
  • To sign up, you will be required to input a valid email address that you use. Then on the link emailed to you, provide a unique Username and Password for your profile. You will then be sent an email that you must open. Click on the link and your account will be validated and ready to use. (Note: This sequence may differ depending on the casino you join.)
  • If the offer is for existing players, you will just need to log in to your account and activate the bonus on the site by clicking on it. If you were sent the bonus via email, you may need to enter a special code to activate it.


Of course, there are pros and cons to Exclusive Bonuses deals, as with any bonus offered in a casino. The advantage is that you have free cash and extra help to land you the potential of bigger wins. The disadvantages include all the stringent Playthrough Requirements you must meet before being able to lay your hands on any of the wins.

At the end of the day, if you decide to go ahead and accept a bonus, please make sure that it is at a casino vendor that can truly live up to its commitment. We have taken it upon ourselves to filter through the thousands of casinos out there on the World Wide Web and provide you with a concise list of reputable casinos that have been tried and tested to your liking.

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