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Guide to Package Bonuses

Published by Kally | April 2, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

The complete guide to casino package bonuses

Online casino marketing strategies involve very competitive casino bonuses and promotions offered to draw gamblers to their sites and keep them there. For a casino to thrive, it must spend large sums of money on the promotion of its site, because the industry is subject to stiff competition, and casinos must find the edge over their peers. The fast-growing mobile segment of the market has only increased their need to fight for your custom.

Casino Bonuses are the primary way of casino vendors enticing players to sign up at their site. To keep ahead, you may find several bonuses offered on one platform as well-positioned lures. These promotional offers come in a variety of forms because, in the gambling market, variety keeps players interested.

What is to stop players from leaving in search of the next great offer if they get bored? Innovation has therefore given birth to a number of offerings that online casinos might offer regularly, in the hope of anchoring players to a site they will hopefully call “home”. These may include:

  • Match Bonuses: This is where a casino will match your deposit up to a certain per cent, thereby giving you more money to play with. For example, a casino may offer you a match bonus of 200%. If you deposit €100, the casino will give you an extra €200 to add to it and bet with.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: This is one of the rarer bonuses, but includes giving you free cash to play with, without having to spend a cent. There are strict terms and conditions attached to no deposit bonuses.
  • Cashback Bonuses: The cashback bonuses can either be awarded back to you in the form of loyalty points, which can be exchanged for either casino credits or cash refunds, otherwise rewarded as a percentage against the losses that you have incurred at the casino over a period of time.
  • VIP and High Roller Bonuses: These include exclusive promotions offered to high spenders. VIP and High Roller Bonuses may come in the form of one of the aforementioned bonuses, or in the form of other prizes and rewards, such as holidays, airfares, and dinners etc.

Visit the links below to learn more about how to use those bonuses:

What is a casino Package Bonus?

The above bonuses can come as stand-alone promotions, but in many cases are offered in a combination form. Once they are combined together to offer a bigger reward, they are called Package Bonuses. It is this type of bonus that this guide aims to educate you about. We will take a look at:

  • What these packages commonly consist of.
  • The terms and conditions often surround the bonuses.
  • How to claim bonuses.
  • Tips for paying bonuses.

Most common packages

What is a Package Bonus Then
Learn everything you need to know about package bonuses.

Firstly, you must be aware that bonus packages need not come as a one-off promotion. Be sure to read the “More Info” section of the promotion carefully, because to reap the full benefit of what is on offer, you may need to deposit up to 3 times before you meet the wonderful bonus number presented to you at face value on the heading.

Below, we will look at 3 examples of the most popular kinds of “Package Bonuses” available to you out there. The amounts stipulated will differ from offer to offer:

Up to €6500 + 125 free spins

When a promo says “up to” it means that if you deposit the maximum, you can reach the amount stipulated as a reward. In many cases, this offer may be broken up into 3 deposits in total. For example, the fine print may read:

  • 200% up to €5000 + 50 free spins for the first deposit
  • 50% Match up to €1000 + 50 free spins for the second deposit
  • 75% up to €500 + 25 free spins on third bonus.

So, to maximise the bonus and receive €6500, you will need to deposit a minimum of €2,500 on your first deposit (2,500 x 200% = 5,000), €2,000 on your second deposit ( 2,000 x 50% = €1,000), and the third deposit will need to be a minimum deposit of €666.67 (666.67 x 75% = 500). Your total deposits will equal €5,166.67. The bonus will still be subject to Playthrough Requirements (See “Terms and Conditions” below) to qualify to cash out on any wins, and to qualify for the free spins.

200% up to €2500 + 50 free spins

This is a straight-up combo involving one match bonus and free spins. In order to meet the maximum rewards, you will need to deposit €1,250 of your own money. You can deposit less, but then the bonus will pay less. You will need to satisfy the Wagering/Playthrough Requirements before qualifying to draw any winnings or claim the free spins.

150 Free Spins on a Deposit of €750

Here, the free spins bonus can only be activated when placing a deposit of €750 or more. You will still need to spin the slot reels a number of times before qualifying for the free spins. This number could stipulate 500 or 600 spins or more.

Terms and conditions

There are always terms and conditions attached to casino bonuses. When online gambling was in its infancy, casino vendors lost a lot of money through offering such bonuses, because they were not very well-governed. Nowadays, there are a number of requirements that need to be adhered to before players can reap the rewards. These include:

Wagering requirements

Otherwise known as “Playthrough Requirements”, these rules apply to just about every bonus imaginable. Wagering requirements require that the funds given to you are used for playing at the casino and not just withdrawn the moment they are loaded. You will be required to bet your bonus amount a number of times before being able to draw on any winnings.

For example, if your bonus was €200 and you are required to play through the bonus 20x, it means that you will have to bet €4,000 before being able to claim winnings.

Withdrawal limits

Be sure to read up what the withdrawal limits are, for the bonuses at the casino you are wanting to join. Some bonuses are capped to a maximum payout, so even if you manage to win more, you will not be able to draw all of the funds.


Be aware that every bonus comes with an expiry date. Not meeting the Wagering Requirements before the expiry date will mean that you forfeit your bonus along with all the wins you have made.


Certain bonuses may come with certain restrictions. These may include restrictions on:

Network: Which providers’ games you may use the bonus on.

Game: Which games you may and may not play. This could go as far as restricting the bonus to one single title.

Country: The bonus may only be available in certain countries and not others.

How to claim bonuses?

  1. Firstly, you will need to have a registered account with the casino. Sign up online. They will require that you supply them with an operating email address (verification of your account will be done via emailed link), a unique username and a password, to secure your account profile. Please remember that in most countries gambling is restricted to players over the age of 21 years.
  2. If you are on the casino site or on an Affiliate Site, you need just click “Claim Bonus” and follow the prompts.
  3. If you receive an email or text message, click on the link to the casino, where you may be asked to enter a password supplied to claim the bonus.

Legal tips and tricks to maximise your bonuses

  • If you are given an opportunity to play a variety of casino games with the bonus you have claimed, opt to play video slots until you have worked your way through the Wagering Requirements. Slots will count 100% towards your Wagering Requirements, whereas games with lower house edges will generally equate to a lower wager match (Eg – Only 50% of the requirement etc), which means that you will need to wager more money to meet the requirements.
  • Where possible, choose to play slot games with low variance. These games only eat at your bankroll slowly and offer you frequent wins. Although the wins are smaller, it will keep your bankroll balanced for a lot longer than high variance games will, which means you may eat through your Wagering Requirements without incurring big losses.
  • Ensure that you read through the “Playthrough Requirements” on the Casinos main bonus page so that you know exactly what is expected of you.
  • Do not try to scam the casino by claiming bonuses with multiple email accounts. There are ways and means of tracking this kind of play. If caught you could face blacklisting at the casino and all of the partners in the network, as well as losing all funds in your wallet, including bonuses and free spins owed.
  • Start off with simple bonuses first, and then move onto the more complicated multi-deposit versions, so that you can grow accustomed to the way in which they work.

CasinoWow conclusion

Making use of casino bonuses is a great risk-free way to introduce yourself to the online casino environment. The bonuses are basically like free cash in most instances, which afford you the opportunity of playing on the platform without spending too much of your own money.

New member bonuses are the ideal way of getting to know your new casino without worrying about whether you are going to lose big amounts of hard-earned money while doing so.

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