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UK sets £2 maximum stake for under-25s in online slots

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The UK is imposing new betting limits on slots to protect players from harmful gaming actions.

As the online casino industry grows, so does its impact on players. While plenty of enjoyment is derived from iGaming, there is also the risk of developing problem gaming habits.

Top gambling regions focus on finding a middle ground, allowing players to enjoy gaming in a slightly more restricted environment.

The UK is one of these regions where online casino players are looking at new limits as a means to fight problem gambling.

New slot limits

Until now, slot players have had complete freedom over how much they spend on gameplay in the UK casinos. This will change with the new gaming restrictions that will cap slot spending.

The new limits imposed in September will show that players under the age of 25 have a £2 spin limit. And players aged 25 and above will face a £5 stake limit. These restrictions are part of a plan to limit gaming harm and the risk of life-changing losses.

In 2019, the government started imposing limits on stakes on the slot machines in betting shops called fixed-odds betting terminals. These limits range from £100 to £2, while online gaming has no restrictions.

According to the DCMS, the new proposed limits are a landmark moment for regulating online gaming. With easily accessible online slots being so addictive, it’s easy for players to rack up losses before they even realise it, which makes it even more harmful to keep it restriction-free.

The gambling minister, Stuart Andrew, says that although millions of people gamble safely every day, the evidence shows that there are higher problem gambling rates for online slot games. The idea with the new limits is to minimise harm and add a layer of protection for those vulnerable to gambling-related problems.

Aside from the new slot limits, the UK Gambling Commission is also consulting on affordability checks, which players could be forced to pass if they constantly pull losses.

The impact on casinos

With the new restrictions on online slot machines limiting player spending, casinos are losing millions.

It is said that the new restrictions will have heavy financial implications for casino companies, amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds.

There are no limits on how much players can wager on slot games. This limitless gameplay brings in over €3 billion annually for casino companies. At the same time, they are believed to be the cause of more addiction than any other gambling form.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) revealed more details on the latest restrictions on Friday 29 February 2024. And with these new limits, casinos have to prepare for the possibility of significant revenue loss.

Some, like Labour MP Carolyn Harris, believe that there shouldn’t be duel limits but one set limit for players of all ages. Harris thinks a £2 limit will be ideal for all ages.

Co-founder of the charity Gambling With Lives, Liz Ritchie, also commented, saying that while this may be viewed as a significant loss for the gambling industry in terms of profit, the actual harm is with millions struggling to cope with gambling addiction and possible gambling suicides.

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Published: March 11, 2024

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