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Exploring skill-based games with Greentube

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Online casino players can turn the odds in their favour with the most exciting skill-based games.

Visiting any top-rated online casino will reveal a wide range of exciting casino games from industry-leading software providers. Whether you prefer online slots, table games, or instant win betting action, there’s a variety for you.

Some of the most popular options players tend to gravitate towards include skill-based games.

Skill-based games vs luck-based games

One thing you might find yourself wondering is what makes skill-based games different from luck-based games.

The games have different play styles, and on top of that, luck-based games are purely chance-based.

This means you can’t alter or affect the outcome of the games no matter what you do. Games run through Random Number Generators to provide a fair outcome with every game round.

A common example of chance-based games is online slots. These types of games give you a random outcome. The only factors that will have a direct impact on your winning chances are the return to player percentage, the hit frequency, and the jackpot size.

The payback percentage determines the percentage of funds a game pays back over the course of its lifetime, with higher payback percentages leading to better odds of winning. The hit frequency determines how often the slot pays out, and the bigger the jackpot is, the bigger your chances of winning.

Skill-based games give you the opportunity to impact the game outcome in various ways.

In case you’re not sure what can be considered skill-based games, you can take a look at different table games like Blackjack and Poker. While random number generator software is used in gameplay, there are ways your actions can impact your gameplay.

As the term suggests, skill plays an important role. Another factor that contributes to the outcome is the strategy used.

If you apply the right amount of skill and use the correct strategy, you can turn the odds in your favour. These games also tend to have a high return to player percentage than most luck-based games.

Try your luck with skill-based games

There are different software providers that give you access to the highest quality card games and other skill-based game variants. The Novomatic-owned Greentube is a favourite among players when it comes to skill-based gaming.

Greentube online casinos have a wide range of quality games which now also includes the new title Chopsticks. The world-class mathematics is expected to take gaming to the next level, with games bringing you the right amount of gamification and skill requirements.

Greentube has a solid background in skill-based gaming and is excited to take these creations to the next level by using Chopsticks in the games and apps. This is expected to help the company reach new markets as they continue to collaborate with others.

The future of online gaming, especially with skill-based games, is incredibly bright. As technology advances, there are more opportunities to modify and refine games to improve a better experience. By adding math models, technical alterations, and more, the skill-based games get better and more intriguing every single day.

If you’re curious about skill-based gaming and the future of these types of titles within the iGaming industry, you can take a closer look at The Future of Skill Games at Online Casinos. We discuss software providers, the plausibility of the games, and more.

Published: August 15, 2023

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