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The growth and evolution of Poker

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A look at the popular card game Poker and how it’s turned from a traditional to an esports phenomenon in 2023.

The gaming industry has changed significantly over the last few years with the implementation of technology and innovations. Thankfully, most of the classic card games have managed to stay relevant and keep up with the changes of the time.

Poker stands out, becoming an online phenomenon, and esports success. This game has definitely embraced the digital age.

From then to now

The poker game has been around for centuries and is popular for its requirements of skill and strategy. Over the years, it has been modified and adapted to fit the different scenes, but the game's root remains the same.

In the late 1990s, there was a shift with the introduction of online poker games, giving more players the chance to enjoy the card game.

It’s this turning point that set the stage for the poker platforms and offerings we see online today, whether it be RNG-based games or the step into the esports industry.

With the evolution of online casinos and the creation of sophisticated poker platforms, punters have the opportunity to play against each other in real-time and enjoy a seamless experience as they participate in high-stakes tournaments. It enables you to try different strategies and improve your skills.

With the ease of access provided by online poker platforms, the player base has expanded greatly. Giving room for professional competition at a higher level, similar to that available in traditional sports.

A look into Poker as an esport

A research study showed that poker is a skill-based game. Studying over 55,000 hands of Texas Hold’em showed that skill plays a big role in having long-term success with the game. Read our review of Live Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker and how to play.

It's easy to see why this game is so popular, and it's become even more so due to the various prize pools and international competitions that have emerged over time.

One such event is The World Series of poker (WSOP), which takes place annually. It’s a prestigious event that draws in the best players from across the globe and has them competing for multimillion-dollar prize pools.

More recently, esports and specific tournaments have also appeared on the scene. This includes big events like the World Poker Tour (WPT) and the Global Poker League (GPL).

The benefits of live-streaming

Live streaming and online platforms like Twitch have also played a big role in revolutionising the way audiences get to engage with esports and poker. This gives viewers the opportunity to watch all their favourite players compete in real-time and pick up advanced strategies. With the live chat feature, there’s also the opportunity to interact with your favourite gamers.

With this level of accessibility and increased engagement, players can build a big following that blurs the lines between traditional sports and esports.

Stepping into poker as an esport opens new avenues for players and enthusiasts. It enables players to earn a steady income from streaming revenues and other avenues like sponsorships or endorsements. For the enthusiasts who aspire to pursue a career in poker, there is the opportunity for event organisation, content creation, and poker coaching.

The use of technology has led to the creation of a healthy ecosystem supporting Poker growth and sustainability.

What’s to come?

The future of online poker looks bright, especially as technology continues to advance, not only for poker as a table game but also for video poker. There’s even better connection for smartphone users thanks to 5G technology. There’s an increase of more affordable smartphones and better data plans that allow more users to access the internet and all the gambling forms available.

With a seamless and more immersive experience available through 5G networks, online poker has become even more appealing to players who enjoy real-time gameplay and interactive features that are promoting the growth and expansion of the online poker industry.

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