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Swedish players want Bonus Buy games banned – Play'n GO

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Play'n GO's recent poll reveals how Swedish players feel about Bonus Buy games, with more than 55% supporting regulatory change.

One of the best software providers, Play'n GO, recently led an exclusive poll among Swedish people who reported playing online slots at least once per month, and the poll has shown a significant sentiment among slot players.

A staggering 55% of players and 69% of the general public are voicing their opinions about banning Bonus Buy slots

This poll data sheds light on the growing matter surrounding the impact of such features on the iGaming industry and player experience. As the conversation about responsible gambling practices evolves, understanding players' views is paramount in shaping future gambling regulations and policies in Sweden.

In this article, we delve into the implications of this poll and explore the more general implications for the online gaming industry in Sweden and beyond.

Play'n GO poll results

Bonus Buy games allow players to pay for access to a slot's bonus features and game modes, fast-tracking them to bonuses that might otherwise take multiple spins to trigger. However, these buy bonus functions can cost significantly more than the average stake and often have a reduced RTP percentage.

When asked if Bonus Buy games should be banned, the poll results revealed the following:

  • 7 out of 10 of the general public support the changes to ban Bonus Buy games
  • More than half of online slot players want changes in the industry

Further, nearly two-thirds of slot players think that Bonus Buy games result in higher losses for players. The findings made by Play'n GO also revealed that 61% of Swedish players feel that changing the regulation to align with the UK and Netherlands is responsible.

A total of 63% argue that a change in the regulation would show that the Swedish government is taking online gambling issues seriously. The percentage of players who would be proud if the gambling regulator banned these Bonus Buy games came in at 53%.

The consensus revealed that many people, players, and the public believe these games "control" players. According to Play'n GO, they chose not to develop Bonus Buy games, reflecting their commitment to responsible gaming.

Contrarily, opposing players argue that it represents an unnecessary limitation on player choice and innovation within the gambling industry. They've also raised concerns about the possible economic impact of this ban on the gaming industry.

No Bonus Buy slots for Play’n GO

Some leading regulators, such as the KSA and the UK Gambling Commission, have banned this contentious game feature.

Johan Törnqvist, CEO and Co-founder of Play'n GO said, "For many years, Play'n GO has been a consistent and vocal advocate for a sustainable, regulated, and thriving gaming industry based around an 'entertainment-first' mindset."

He continues, "I pledged as far back as 2021 that Play'n GO would never make a Bonus-Buy game, which has cost us hundreds of millions of Swedish Krona, but I stand by that decision. Bonus-buy games are harmful to players and the long-term sustainability of the entire industry, and they should be excluded from the regulated Swedish market."

Play'n GO's presence in Sweden has a significant impact on the country's online gambling industry. Through creative game development, a dedication to responsible gaming practices, and a focus on quality and entertainment, Play'n GO has proved itself as a leading provider in the industry.

As Play'n GO continues to grow and develop its reach, it is promised to remain a key player in the Swedish gaming industry for years.

Published: March 22, 2024

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