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Illegal pre-verified casino accounts flooding UK social media

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Social media giants act after finding pre-verified crypto casino accounts illegally sold via their platforms.

With heavy regulations in various regions, many players can’t access online casino entertainment.

Recently, it was found that despite strict regulation, there has been a way for players in the UK to access crypto casinos.

It was found that hundreds of crypto casino accounts ready to gamble were sold on big social media sites like Facebook.

Ready to go crypto accounts

Currently, crypto casinos are illegal and unregulated in the UK gambling sector. These sites have quickly gained much traction and popularity due to the promotion of gambling influencers and public figures like Drake, the rapper.

According to a recent find from Sky News, it has become easy to breach the barriers blocking British players from these high-risk sites. This is possible with accounts already set up and verified for players to log in and start playing simply.

There is no need to enter any personal details or forms. The illegal operation making the sales has pre-verified crypto casino accounts ready to go, which can be purchased for as little as £8.

Detailed investigations

Over the past three months, Sky News analysed hundreds of adverts across different social media sites. They also spoke to various buyers and sellers.

According to the investigation findings, most ads appeared on Facebook and Discord, but some were posted on TikTok, Telegram, Reddit, and X (Twitter).

According to the analysis of the ads, the accounts for Stake Casino, one of the biggest crypto casinos, were the most requested by buyers.

The investigation shows that over 200 ads for Stake Casino accounts have been posted since October 2023, and nearly 100 more on a Discord server.

The findings did not show evidence of the crypto casinos knowing about or endorsing the ads. This means that branding for these platforms is being used on social media without permission.

Stake explained that they are aware of fraudulent attempts to access their site and are constantly evolving in their attempts to block this type of behaviour.

Most platforms will have restrictions stating that the casino is unavailable in the player region. Blocking them from gaining access to the platform or registering an account. However, the pre-made accounts sold illegally online have already been registered and verified. Making it easy for these players to gain access while using a VPN.

These accounts can be bought for as little as $10 (£8), allowing players to bypass the verification stage and ID requirements. Then there are also more expensive ‘premium’ accounts, which get sold for thousands of dollars. The latter comes at a higher price because they often offer active cashback or bonus features.

Platform responses

The biggest issue is that many people who buy these accounts online are either minors or gambling addicts. According to Matt Zarb Cousin, co-founder of Gamban, these sites are highly addictive because of features like no time or wagering limits.

All platforms where these accounts can be found have been contacted, and the accounts have been removed. This includes TikTok, Reddit, Discord, and Meta (owner of Facebook).

These companies stated that user safety is a top priority and that community guidelines prohibit gambling service promotions or any activities that lead to illegal gambling.

A Meta spokesperson says that no scam adverts are allowed and that the ads have been removed when it was reported for the violation of platform policies.

Stake’s spokesperson says they know the attempts to evade their controls. Stake Casino is known to be a platform with some of the most substantial controls, and it’s challenging to gain access illegally. Stake works alongside regulators and law enforcement to implement the latest controls to keep fraudulent and harmful activity at bay.

Published: February 26, 2024

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