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We take a look at the digital gaming industry, the transformation it has undergone, and the benefits for players.

It seems like just yesterday that the only way to enjoy your favourite games was by entering the dark, smokey casino rooms in your region.

Today, land-based gaming is one of many ways you can enjoy playing top casino games. The gambling industry has been updated and upgraded with technological advancements.

We take a look at the digital transformation of the gaming industry and what it brings to users.

Technology and the gaming industry

For passionate players who have been around since the start to witness the changes in the industry, it is clear just how much growth and change have been implemented.

Those who have only started exploring online gambling sites in recent years might not be aware of how far the industry has come.

There was a time when game options were limited to the machines and tables available in your nearest brick-and-mortar casino.

Today you can choose one of the hundreds of online casinos available, each featuring different styles of games and promotions.

The industry quickly gained more popularity with the implementation of live dealer casinos and mobile gaming. Enabling you to enjoy the best games and casino features from anywhere.

Technology has not only made it more convenient to access your preferred games. It has also enhanced the overall experience with higher-quality games, more variants, and crypto payments at your fingertips.

You get a wide range of different types of betting sites like Pay N Play or Bitcoin casinos. Whether you’re a sports bettor or slot spinner, there are plenty of sites to choose from with high-quality game titles to enjoy.

Digital changes on the rise

It seems impossible to think that just a few years ago, virtual reality wasn’t even a thought or possibility, and today, various online casinos use this technology to provide players with a more interactive and immersive betting experience.

By incorporating virtual reality, operators bring you more opportunities to enjoy that real feel environment. You experience your game of choice up close and personal or even walk through a virtual casino.

Thanks to the chat option, there’s also more connectivity within live dealer games between croupiers and players. The whole experience becomes engaging thanks to the benefits of virtual reality, AI, and live-playing options.

How the digital world changed the gambling industry
The digital world has fully transformed the gambling industry. Image source: Canva.com

The challenges of going digital

Going digital is not all rainbows and roses, as operators have a number of challenges they face. This includes legal issues, as operators are still not legally allowed to provide gaming entertainment to all regions. Some regions have heavy restrictions, whereas others completely ban the idea of online gambling.

And when it comes to live casino games, there is still a gap in the market as some aspects are better with a real dealer. The digital industry has not yet crossed the bridge of a real virtual live casino experience that is 100% on the same level as playing against a live dealer.

The rise of AI

Over the last couple of years, there has been a big focus on AI and the advancement of this technology. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not that big in the industry yet, there is a firm belief that it will be deeply incorporated into the digital gambling industry by 2025.

With AI comes a large range of benefits, including better customer service, controlled finances, better responsible gambling practices, higher levels of security, and a self-sustainable gaming environment.

One of the biggest perks is its ability to identify problem gambling patterns much quicker and minimise the risk of cheating and other harmful activities. For more on the benefits of AI within the gambling industry, be sure to read our look at AI and its future in iGaming.

A better live experience

There is a belief that as AI continues to evolve, it may bring players an even more advanced live gaming experience. There’s a chance that it may remove real-person dealers completely. While this is still simply a thought, there is already great headway made within the industry thanks to AI technology.

More than just a way to improve live gaming, advancements like AI, cryptocurrency payments, and the rise of VR can make the industry more exciting and safer and provide new ways to experience casino games. That’s always been what the iGaming industry is all about – staying ahead of the times and looking for new ways to innovate.

It’s exciting to consider what the future holds, and we can’t wait to see what our favourite casinos have been planning for us!

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