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Top online casino industry stories in August 2021

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Read the top stories released this month in the world of online gambling. Find out more about new regulations and more.

As August 2021 draws closer, we’re taking a look at the top stories that took place in the online casino industry. From new regulations to policy changes and gambling awards, there have been many changes and interesting developments to explore.

Belgium tightens online deposit limits

Responsible gambling and tighter regulations are all part of keeping players safe and online casinos honest. This is why many regulators and casino authorities around the world continue to work to make changes where necessary.

In the latest industry news from Belgium, the Belgium Gaming Commission has once again tightened the reins on how much players can spend at online casinos. At the start of the pandemic, a weekly deposit limit of €500 was set in place.

Now, in an effort to further protect players from overspending, the deposit limit has been adjusted to a mere €200 per week. While this may seem extreme to some, the Belgium Minister of Justice insists that this shift will increase the level of player protection.

Twitch targets online gambling streams

For many years, Twitch has been one of the largest streaming platforms in the world, drawing millions of viewers to watch their favourite personalities every month.

Those who frequent Twitch will know that you can see just about anything – from original music to just chatting streams, hours of gaming and everything in between.

Recently, online gambling streams have become popular too. The streams have raised many questions, including whether or not the “big wins” are real or faked by sponsors. Despite the questions, the streamers are entertaining, and viewers are able to interact with each other as they see the games they enjoy unfold before them.

However, many larger streamers have called for these streams to be shut down entirely, stating that they put viewers at risk. Instead, Twitch recently announced a policy change that simply prohibits sharing affiliate or gambling links.

Whether or not this will have any real effect on how these streamers operate remains to be seen.

Playtech receives first Safer Gambling Award by GamCare

As the online casino industry continues to shift towards being a safer place for all users, GamCare is finding new ways to honour those who put in the effort needed to achieve those goals.

Recently, GamCare awards its first-ever B2B Safer Gambling Award to one company that earned it – Playtech.

Playtech is one of the oldest iGaming businesses in the world, providing top gaming options for both land-based and online casinos. For this particular award, the software provider earned its place in history as the first winner for its casino products and platform that is operated within the United Kingdom.

The Safer Gambling Standard (created by GamCare) is designed to put the safety of players first. GamCare awarded Playtech the B2B Safer Gambling Award because they believe that this is exactly what Playtech has done – and will continue to do going forward.

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Published: August 29, 2021

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