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Play’n GO’s strategy unveiled: A look into exclusive interviews

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Dive into the insights from Play'n GO's recent interview and how it compares to their previous statements.

In a recent exclusive interview, Play'n GO shared intriguing insights about their strategy and plans for the future. This candid discussion sheds light on their approach to the industry, gaming trends, and commitment to responsible gambling.

The interview with the renowned software provider in online casinos featured Magnus Olsson, the Chief Commercial Officer at Play'n GO. Olsson's insights provide valuable perspectives on the company's trajectory and its focus on maintaining a strong presence in the ever-evolving world of online gambling.

A remarkable journey in 2023

The interview began by highlighting Play'n GO's achievements in 2023.

Olsson discussed how the company entered the regulated US market strategically and has rapidly expanded its footprint. From obtaining their first license in Michigan in July 2022, they now hold licenses in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Connecticut. Partnerships with powerhouse operators like BetMGM and PokerStars have further accentuated this success.

Olsson emphasised that Play'n GO games have played a pivotal role in their success. Their titles continue to captivate players worldwide thanks to innovative features, engaging themes, and high-quality graphics. In 2023 alone, they released around 50 titles, showcasing their creativity and diverse games portfolio.

According to Olsson, what sets Play'n GO apart from competitors is the company's commitment to entertainment. He highlighted that as more markets become regulated, their focus on creating entertaining casino games has positioned them strongly. This focus aligns with the global vision for a safer and more enjoyable iGaming future that regulators, operators, and the public share.

The interview also touched on Play'n GO's successful ventures beyond the digital realm. They achieved a milestone by bringing their popular slot, Book of Dead, to UK retail through a partnership with William Hill, marking their entry into the land-based environment.

A look back: Play'n GO's 2021 interview with CasinoWow

Look back into CasinoWow’s interview with Play'n GO about their plans for 2021.
Let's look back at CasinoWow’s interview with Play'n GO from 2021.

To gain a comprehensive perspective on Play'n GO's journey, comparing this recent interview with a 2021 Play'n GO interview conducted by CasinoWow is essential.

In our interview, Tommy Adolfsson Saarela, Affiliate Manager at Play'n GO, provided insights into the company's operations and game development. Saarela highlighted the diversity of games offered by Play’n GO casinos, stating that the variety of games and features made the experience at these casinos exceptional.

One intriguing question in the CasinoWow interview concerned the activating bonus features in Reactoonz 2. Saarela explained that the perception of which symbols triggered the bonus feature could vary among players. This reality emphasised the subjective nature of gaming experiences.

When asked about the popularity of their mobile games, Saarela mentioned titles like Reactoonz, Reactoonz 2, The Sword and the Grail, and Moon Princess as top performers. He also hinted at potential future developments, including possibly creating Megaways games.

Saarela emphasised Play'n GO's unique selling points: trust, quality, and energy. He explained that the company's dedication to these values created exceptional gaming experiences. Additionally, he noted that Play'n GO did not compare its games to competitors but focused on delivering the best possible products.

Evolution of Play'n GO's strategy

Comparing these two interviews, it's evident that Play'n GO's strategy and vision have evolved. In 2021, the focus was on the diversity of games, player experience, and the potential for innovative game features like Megaways. Play'n GO aimed to create various games that catered to multiple preferences.

Fast forward to 2023, and their strategy has expanded to enclose a strategic and long-term approach to entering regulated markets, particularly in the US. They prioritise partnerships with key operators and emphasise certification of their game portfolio for regulated states.

Their commitment to creating entertaining games remains constant, aligning with global tendencies towards safer and more enjoyable iGaming.

Shaping the iGaming industry

Play'n GO's exclusive interviews provide valuable insights into the company's journey and strategic evolution. From their emphasis on game diversity in 2021 to their strategic expansion into the US and commitment to entertainment in 2023, Play'n GO continues to shape the online casino industry.

As they navigate the ever-changing online gambling landscape, their commitment to responsible gambling remains unwavering, reflecting their dedication to providing players with safe and enjoyable online experiences.

Published: October 4, 2023

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