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The UKGC removes 4 popular slot features for safer gambling

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UK Gambling Commission places a permanent ban on popular features to create safer, less intensive gambling environment.

The online gambling industry is an entity that keeps growing and evolving each day with new technological advancements available.

As the industry grows so does the need for safer regulations and additional safeguards.

Responsible Gambling is playing a lead role in regulatory changes with governing bodies looking for new ways to increase the safety of gameplay and the online casino industry.

Just recently, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) unveiled a new range of restrictions specifically aimed at online slot games.

Regulations for safer online slots

In the days to come, four popular slot game features will be banned with the aim to provide players with more control.

The idea is not to decrease the levels of entertainment but rather strengthen the protection layers and remove elements that could lead to players losing control.

All online operators will have until the 31st of October to implement these new rules for slot games.

The biggest inspiration or motivation for the new regulatory requirements come after concerns raised about online slot games being designed to mimic slot machines in land-based establishments. At the current time, these account for over 70% of the online games at casinos.

Based on the evidence, the Gambling Commission found that these slot games come with the higher average losses per player per year for online gambling products.

It was clearly stated that the new legislation is not to limit players but rather the addictive nature of the games.

4 features set to go

There are 4 features online players will have to bid farewell to by end of October.

These are:

    • Auto-play
    • Slot spins with speeds faster than 2.5 seconds
    • Any features speeding up play (such as Turbo Spin)
    • Sounds and imagery giving the illusion of a win when the outcome is lower or equal to your stake

Nigel Huddleston, Minister for Sports, Tourism and Heritage stated these changes are important in the fight against gambling-related harm. Huddleston is confident these changes will decrease the intensity of gambling and introduce greater protections.

The minister continued that these tougher measures are welcome and needed. Especially now that they are focusing on thoroughly reviewing all gambling laws to get them up to date and on par with the advancements of the digital age.

A regulatory shake-up

The UK Gambling Commission has received a lot of criticism in recent months regarding it's 'poor management' of the industry throughout the shift online.

Late in January 2021, the government announced it would be entering into a consultation on the way the regulator is funded. During the announcement, the government also stated that the regulator is rather small considering the size of the industry it is expected to oversee and always regulate.

Other regulatory changes in the pipeline include a ban on football and dart shirts being sponsored by gambling companies. There will also be a ban on reverse withdrawals, meaning it will no longer be optional to re-gamble funds originally subject to withdrawal.

Big things are happening and the Gambling Commission along with the government is fully dedicated to getting regulations up to standard. More changes can arise as the review on the industry regulations proceeds. For now, it's a few minor changes that will instantly increase the safety of the industry.

All online casino operators need to have these new measures implemented by 31 October 2021.

Published: February 8, 2021

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Article by Stelly

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