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Punto Banco Games

Baccarat is an oldie table game that dates back to pre-1490 when the Italians introduced it to the French. It has proven to be an online casino favourite, especially amongst high rollers and VIPs. There are a tremendous amount of high stakes side bets that appeal to these high-risk takers. Baccarat carries some of the best return to player stats around when playing the simple game. The most popular version of Baccarat played online, is Punto Banco.

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What is Punto Banco?

‘Punto Banco’ is directly translated from Italian, as ‘Player Banker’. It is a version of Baccarat where the player competes directly against the bank. The other popular version of the game is Chemin de fer (or Chemmy), where players play against each other. Each takes a turn at being the bank.

As you can see, the Punto Banco variant works far better with the online casino setup. The casino is always the banker in this instance. The game is available to play on both virtual RNG platforms and Live Dealer platforms, offering desktop and mobile enthusiasts the opportunity of choosing their privacy level.

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