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The online slot arena is a carrier of an array of games, with many different themes, specifications, win percentages, volatilities, and more. Obviously, when gamblers embark upon an online slot adventure, they are looking for a combination of the best fun possible and the best wins possible. In fact, most of us will admit that good wins equate to a good time.

Therefore a popular search by modern slot players is for that of Top Payout Slots.

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Play Mega Moolah online slot game

Mega Moolah


Mega Moolah

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released30/11/2006
  • RTP88.12%
  • JackpotProgressive
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilitymedium

Where’s the Gold

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released15/06/2003
  • RTP95%
  • Jackpot500x bet
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilitylow

Fire Joker

  • Type Classic Slots
  • Released14/06/2016
  • RTP96.15%
  • Jackpot800x bet
  • FeaturesBonus Rounds
  • Volatilitymedium

Gonzo's Quest

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released11/11/2013
  • RTP96%
  • Jackpot1,875x bet
  • Features3D Slots
  • Volatilityhigh


  • Type Video Slots
  • Released12/11/2013
  • RTP96.10%
  • Jackpot250x bet
  • Features3D Slots
  • Volatilitylow

Aloha! Cluster Pays

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released25/03/2016
  • RTP96.41%
  • Jackpot1000x bet
  • FeaturesAll Ways Slots
  • Volatilityhigh

Blood Suckers

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released10/11/2013
  • RTP98%
  • Jackpot900x bet
  • Features3D Slots
  • Volatilitylow

What determines top payout "%" online slots?

We can have a look at top payout slot games under four categories:

1. Top once-off payouts

There are a host of games online that can offer you that one great win, but the odds of landing it are truly slim. Online slots are designed to pay only a few people handsomely over its life span. But, a chance is a chance, and the next big winner could be you. For this very reason, players are drawn to Progressive Jackpot Slots that award life-altering amounts of money if you are lucky enough to land them.

These progressive (network) jackpots continuously accumulate in size as long as players on the network are contributing their wagers to the game. Though the promise of the win is tempting, the chance of winning decent cash on these casino games, in general, is a lot lower than some online slots without jackpots.

Games like Mega Fortunes by NetEnt and Mega Moolah from Microgaming can make you an instant millionaire if you are ever lucky enough to strike the big pot. The highest payout on Mega Fortunes has exceeded the 17 million pound-sterling mark.

2. Best regular payouts

When looking for the best payouts, it would be far wiser to seek a game that promises better all-round payouts, as landing the big jackpot might not ever happen for you. Games that pay out more regularly is a far better bet for the avid slot player.

The way in which you can determine the payout ratio of a machine would be to have a look at the RTP% (Return to Player Percentage) on the machine. UK gambling legislation mandates that the RTP is visible on the specs of any slot machine game within their jurisdiction.

3. What is Return to Player?

It is a term used by casinos to describe the percentage of return that can be expected from any machine on wagers spent on the game. It is mathematically calculated over the greater lifespan of the machine and will never be calculated on less than 1000 spins. It is, therefore, more of an indicator of the performance of a slot game over the long term, rather than the short term.

If a slot machine has an RTP of 90%, it means that for every 100 coins spent, the machine will eventually pay back 90 of them, meaning that the house would garnish 10% of all wagers into its coffers over the lifetime of the machine. This does not mean that if you play, you will get this RTP back immediately though. Rather, machines are designed to pay out bigger wins less frequently, rather than small wins more frequently. This only makes good business sense, as nobody would want to play for scraps - most play for the big win. So, in theory, those few big wins will then pay out most of that 90% of wagers back to players.

4. RTP on Top Payout Casinos

The average slot Return to Player ratio is around 90% or so, which is one of the poorest odds of all games at online casinos. When playing progressive jackpot games, those stakes can drop to an RTP of 85%.

To be considered a Top regular payout slot, a game’s RTP should not be lower than 97%. Games, like Blood Suckers, by Net Entertainment, hit an all-time high of 98% return to player, which is very good for an online slot game. Unfortunately, the variance of the game is low, which means that the payouts are frequent, which translated to small, consistent prizes.

True top payers

Based on the above information, it is the high RTP games that are the true top payers, as progressive jackpots payout far less in the long run than their counterparts does.

Our CasinoWow list of top payout slots is bound to keep you entertained. Find a good RTP with medium volatility, and you are off to a good start. Manage your wagers well, and you could walk away with a big smile and a heavier wallet. 

You can prepare yourself before spending real money by playing out our casino games in free play mode.

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