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Casino bonus T&Cs and how they affect you

Published by Stelly | May 17, 2022

As an online casino player, you can enjoy thousands of exciting games, from slots to live dealer titles. To maximize the experience, online casinos often run different casino bonuses and promotions.

With bonuses and promotions, you have the opportunity to increase your game time. And on top of that, you stand a chance to get free money or other casino-related freebies.

Bonuses - Terms and conditions
Understanding better bonuses and promotions and their terms and conditions.

If you’re playing on a budget, casino bonuses always come in handy. It can also expand your range of game interest as some bonuses are game-specific. This gives you the option to try out new games and possibly find more casino games to add to your list of favourites.

One thing to keep in mind is that bonuses and promotions come with terms and conditions. These play a vital role in your successful bonus claim and withdrawing future wins from these bonus offers.

What are the terms and conditions?

Chances are you’ve seen the words Terms and Conditions multiple times in your life. They are pretty standard and linked to many online stores and services. With online casinos, the terms and conditions appear frequently.

So, what are they? In short, the terms and conditions are a legal agreement between the casino (service provider) and the player (customer). While it might be a tedious task to read through terms and conditions, it’s important, especially for bonuses and promotions.

With casino bonus terms and conditions, the focus is specifically on the bonus and the use of the bonus. This includes details on the bet restrictions, the maximum winnings, and wagering requirements. If you wish to successfully claim your bonus and cash out your winnings, it’s vital to read through the casino bonus T&Cs.

Let’s take a look at the most common casino bonus terms and how they impact you.

Main Terms commonly found in Casino Bonuses

The Deposit Amount

With each casino bonus, you will note that there is often a minimum and maximum deposit amount stated in the terms and conditions. How does this apply to you? The simple reality is that you need to deposit at least the minimum amount to claim the bonus successfully. If you aim to get your hands on the full bonus, you will need to deposit the maximum amount.

Claiming the Bonus

When it comes to claiming the promotional offer, there are often instructions that must be applied. Some casinos only require you to deposit, whereas others require more.

To successfully claim a bonus or promotion, you need to follow these instructions. Always check if you need to opt into the promotional offer or enter a unique bonus code.

If you need to enter a special code, you need to pay close attention. Entering the bonus incorrectly or failing to enter the bonus code may lead to forfeiting the bonus.

Excluded Payment Methods

Another common term you will find in many promotional offers and online casino bonuses is excluded payment methods. This means that some payment methods are not deemed eligible for the offer. Thus, if you fund your account using these payment methods, you will not qualify to receive the bonus.

Payment methods often excluded from eligibility include popular e-wallet options such as Neteller and Skrill. Before you attempt to claim any bonus, always make sure the payment method you wish to use is eligible to claim the bonus.

Game Restrictions/Contributions

You’ll notice that apart from the excluded payment methods, several games can be excluded from the list of eligible games. The main reason is that players might have used low house edge casino games like blackjack to meet the wagering requirements in the past.

You should note a breakdown of the game contributions in the terms and conditions, showing how much the different games contribute. Slot games generally contribute 100%, with live casino and table games contributing up to 50%. The ineligible games for the promotion are typically listed by category or name.

Maximum Bet

When you claim a bonus, there are certain restrictions in place for using your bonus funds. This includes maximum bet restrictions for meeting wagering requirements. With most casinos, you won’t be able to make bets larger than $/£ 5 per spin when using your bonus.

The max bet amount may vary if you’re playing live casino games. Should you choose to bet higher than the max bet amount, it won’t count or contribute towards the wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

In most online casino bonuses, a fundamental term you’ll find is the wagering requirements. The wagering requirement is the number of times you will have to play through your bonuses before withdrawing your winnings. Let’s say you have a $/£ 10 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement. This means you will have to bet $/£ 100 on qualifying games before you can withdraw any winnings from the bonuses.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the wagering requirements for each bonus reward (free spins and match bonus) might vary. You might find different wagering requirements linked to the free spins and the match bonus.

And what’s more, is that the games at the casino don’t all contribute equally to the wagering requirements. You’ll have to play slot games to meet the wagering requirements in most cases.

When it comes to choosing your bonus or promotional offer, it is important to look at the wagering requirements, as not all wagering requirements are ideal or suitable for the offer or the player.

You need to check out the offer and the requirements before opting in to ensure it is what you’re looking for. If the wagering requirements are satisfactory and meetable, you can claim the offer.

Time Limits

Every casino player has their eye on the prize, which is ultimately big wins. When casino bonuses and promotions are active, you need to remember that there are often time limits in play. This means that your bonuses need to be used within a specific time. On top of that, you are also required to fulfil the wagering requirements on that bonus within that period.

Suppose you have a casino bonus with bonus spins and a match deposit bonus. In that case, you will often have separate time limits for each. The first time limit you will need to focus on is the time limit linked to the extra spins.

The time limit for this is usually shorter, and you will need to use your spins in the allocated time. Once you’ve used your spins, you will move to the match deposit bonus to meet the next deadline.

You will need to meet the wagering requirements within the set timeframe with these time limits. With wagering requirements, you are prompted to spend more at a quicker pace to meet the requirements. You’ll also have to focus on the games that lead you to meet the wagering requirements faster, as not all games contribute equally to the wagering requirements.

Max Winnings

A part of the terms and conditions that no player particularly enjoys seeing is the maximum cap on winnings. While it is not a deadset in all casino bonuses, you are likely to find it in many bonuses and promotions.

With this casino bonus term, online casinos ensure that their profits are protected. In many ways, it’s also a way to ensure fairness.

The maximum winnings are the total amount you can ultimately win from any bonus or bonus spins the casino awards. It’s always best to read through the terms and conditions to check the maximum winning amount to see if the bonus and wagering requirements are worthwhile. As the maximum winnings cap might ultimately determine if the effort is justified.

Why do casinos have terms and conditions?

You might be wondering why terms and conditions are necessary for online casinos or bonus promotions. Or you might simply think these terms and conditions are a way of intimating players at casinos. The truth behind the use of terms and conditions is that they are a means of protecting both the player and the casino.

In a way, you can view these terms as a contract between you and the casino where both sides must meet certain conditions in order to benefit.

Essentially casinos have terms and conditions in place to ensure they don’t lose massive amounts of funds in the process of giving away bonuses or running promotions. It’s a way to sustain the business while simultaneously awarding players.

Time to play

Now that you’ve got your fill of terms and conditions, you can head to one of our recommended online casinos. Each has an exquisite range of casino bonuses to boost your gameplay. Just remember that when it comes to promotional offers and casino bonuses, a general rule of thumb is that you are only allowed to claim one bonus at a time.

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