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Online slot strategies guide

Published by Niki | April 1, 2019

Introduction to online slot strategies

Over the years many people have compiled strategies that have duped a number of gamblers into a false sense of hope that online slot machines can be manipulated by clever strategical tricks and strategies. While strategies can be employed when playing online slots, their purpose is not to manipulate the results, but rather prevent you from making novice mistakes that could cost you dearly at the end of the day.

Online Slot Strategies Guide

Online Slots behaviour

Online and land-based slots are all governed by a piece of programming called a “random number generator” (RNG). This means that wins are impossible to predict, as the machine does not payout in accordance with any set trends.

Each roll of the reel is done in isolation, not tracking any past spin as a point of reference for the next one. This literally means that two huge wins could be triggered in successive spins, or they could be spun 1000 spins apart.

Although there is no precise setting off when a win will occur, the machines can be set in accordance with how to payout. The ratio of “house wins” can be set to program the machine odds in favour of the casino.

To be quite honest, you must realise that online gambling is a business. This means that when you open a slot game, the odds are good that you are going to lose. Do not come onto an online casino with an expectation of striking it rich.

Slot strategies that work

As said earlier, there are a number of false strategies out there that fool you into thinking that you can outwit a slot machine. Outwitting something without intelligence is a vain pursuit.

We at CasinoWow want you to be as successful as you can be in the online arena, and it is in our best interest that you have fun while playing. We have therefore compiled a list of workable hints that you should combine together to make your online gambling experience an enriching one, but most importantly, a pleasurable one.


The first and foremost tip that we can share with you is this: come to the casino with an attitude that you are going to have fun. Have sober expectations, which include among other things, the acknowledgement that the odds are against you from the start. If you are prepared to lose all of the money in your bankroll without it depressing you, then you have an attitude that will allow the fun to prevail.

Build Up your Bankroll

This cannot be done in haste. Treat slot-playing like a marathon and pace yourself. Play small bets at first, realising that at a later stage you will need to step the wagers up to hit bigger wins. Play on the minimum bet for a while, stepping it up ever so slightly every now and then. This may build up a solid bankroll from which eventually to draw your big wagers. Also, the less you wager, the less you lose.

Free Games

It may actually pay off to familiarise yourself with your game of choice in online slots in free play mode to get a taste of the slot volatility. Experience is everything in gambling and this free environment will teach you things first hand.

Avoid Progressive Slots unless…

Because progressive slots payout huge jackpots, they need time to make money back before paying out massive amounts again. So, unless you have a decent-sized bankroll and you are playing to strike massive wins, rather avoid these kinds of slots.

The Budget and Bankroll Management

The first half of this strategy is identifying how much money you can afford to spend and lose on a single sitting, and load that amount to your bankroll to play with.

The second part of the strategy includes having a look at the betting increments on a slot machine. Match your budget to the total wager you want to play per spin. Some of the high-rolling slots can gobble up a hundred credits in one go. Make sure that the game suits your pocket.

Time management

Although slot-playing should be treated as a marathon, do not overstay at a specific game. Because machines are set in favour of the house, exceedingly long periods at the same slot will surely eat away at your bankroll.

Online Slot Strategies Bets

Bonus features

Go in search of games with a number of bonus features, specifically a slot that has a free spins round. This round will do well to win you quick cash if it is triggered early on. If it is triggered later on in the game, it may help you recoup some of your losses. So, either way, bonus features are usually a must.

Loyalty program

Once you have found a few favourable casinos that you frequent, make sure that you sign up for their loyalty programs. Here you will get back rebates and incentives which you can use to bet online. Casino bonuses can be very handy if treated well and can be used towards building your bankroll, as mentioned earlier. But you will need to seek out lower volatility machines to do this.

Maximise your wins

One rule you must always remember is this: The higher you bet, the more you win. When you are betting with lower denominations, the degree of win difference is very marginal from 0.50 credits per line to 1.0 credits per line etc. But, when you play on the maximum bet, the sums of cash to be won increase dramatically.

Do not think for one moment that a minimum bet will yield good wins. Even if it triggers a jackpot payment, the numbers will be rather disappointing in contrast to having hit the same combination on maximum bet. So, whenever possible, bet the maximum bet per line, but pay attention to whether this is in your budget – if not, look for a cheaper slot machine, where you can pay the maximum bet per line.

Perhaps 3-reel classic slots are a good place to start if you have not yet grown your bankroll. Because of the low number of paylines, the line bets are far more affordable when playing the maximum bet with the full array of paylines active. You can pick a couple of these offerings that come with a free spins bonus round. 

Choose the correct volatility and RTP

Examine the Return to Player ratios of a specific machine. Combine your findings with the variance or volatility of a machine, to find out how the slot will behave. You need to know what you are in for, in order to properly strategise your betting procedures, bankroll management systems, and time allotment strategies.

A higher RTP % (96% or higher) will payout better than a lower RTP machine (88% - 92%). Slot volatility must also be taken into account. Low volatility games will pay out more frequently, but the wins are generally quite small. High volatility slots payout very seldom, but when they do hit, they hit BIG!

So, if you have a large enough bankroll, settle in behind a machine with a high RTP + High Volatility, and sit it out till the big win hits. These are often triggered in the bonus stages.

If you have a small bankroll, settle in behind a low variance slot with a decent RTP. The frequent wins will slowly add to your bankroll. The ideal game variance is a medium one, as this will pay out more frequently than a high volatility slot, but at a better rate than a low volatility slot.

Get going

As the years have rolled by, all the best strategies for playing online slots have been geared towards teaching players to play responsibly, rather than irresponsibly teaching you myths that do not work with modern slot games.

The above 10 strategies should be amalgamated together to form a positive plan of action that will stand you in the best stead to win at the slots. No plan is a formula for guaranteed success, but these above “words of wisdom” will most surely increase your odds online.

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