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Guide to Blackjack Bonuses

Published by Stelly | November 21, 2023

Casino bonuses are an essential part of becoming proficient at your chosen casino game as they allow you the opportunity to test new strategies, learn the various bet settings, and become comfortable with betting with real money while limiting.

These promotional offers achieve all of this by boosting your bankroll and creating a bonus credit buffer that you can use during this learning process. While most players tend to focus on playing online slots, there are still those who favour classic casino games like Blackjack.

In our complete guide to Blackjack bonuses, we will look at everything you need to know to claim the best bonus for your needs. This will include discussing what types of promotions you could claim, how to maximise your returns when using them, what the wagering requirements are, and more.

Guide to Blackjack Bonuses
Learn more about the Blackjack bonuses when playing online.

Tips for selecting the best bonus for Blackjack

When it comes to finding the best bonus as a Blackjack player, it is not about selecting the offer with the most significant cash value. It is essential to read the terms and conditions in order to understand what is being offered and ensure that it aligns with your needs as a table games player.

Before joining a casino or claiming a new casino promotion, we recommend thoroughly reviewing the following:

  1. Does the bonus offer specifically state that it is available for Blackjack?
  2. Which types of Blackjack are listed in the game eligibility section?
  3. Does the casino have games from your preferred software provider?
  4. Is the offer available in your country?
  5. Is this offer only open to new sign-ups or all existing players?
  6. Has the casino placed a cap on withdrawals from this offer?
  7. Is there a deposit required to trigger the bonus?
  8. Do you need to make additional deposits to withdraw your winnings?
  9. What actions could cause the casino to withhold your winnings?

We know that your heart’s desire is to claim an offer and start playing Blackjack; however, taking the time to run through the above checklist before deciding to do so will significantly enhance your peace of mind.

Choosing wisely could also dramatically impact how much you deposit and the size of your withdrawals should you win big!

Deep dive into the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are the least enjoyable part of gambling online and its most pivotal aspect. Here are some of the details we recommend keeping in mind when doing your due diligence before claiming a Blackjack bonus offer:

Deposit Requirements

Depending on the type of promotion the casino offers, you may or may not have to make a deposit to trigger the bonus. It is essential to understand what is required to activate the bonus if larger deposits increase the offer and the optimal deposit to claim the maximum bonus without overspending.

Qualifying Games & Providers

Most players prefer a specific version of Blackjack or only play table games by certain software providers. Before joining a casino and making a deposit, ensure that the Blackjack bonus caters to these gaming needs.

Wagering Requirements

Depending on the casino, wagering requirements can act as a mechanism for releasing your bonus and will ultimately determine if you can withdraw your winnings. Knowing the playthrough value, if applied to your bonus and deposit amounts, is pivotal to deciding whether to claim or skip a bonus offer. You can expect 35x-40x on average and ideally only on your bonus amount.

Bonus Expiration

How long one has to meet the wagering requirement of a particular bonus is something easy to overlook. However, having only a few days to complete an extravagant playthrough requirement would indicate bad faith on the part of the casino. On average, expect at least a week, anything less, and we recommend you keep looking.

Regional Restrictions

Depending on the casino licensing agreement and your local gambling laws, not all offers will be offered in all regions. It is always best to surf bonuses from your country, not from another region, via a VPN to ensure you can legitimately claim the fiat currency offer you see online.

Withdrawal Limitations

Some casinos will place limitations on how much can be withdrawn when playing with an exclusive Blackjack bonus. When choosing where to play, you must decide if the maximum payout attached to the bonus suits you. If not, it is best to keep searching.

One last thing we recommend you keep an eye out for while reading up on the terms and conditions of the bonus offer you’re considering is whether it has been described clearly and concisely.

Transparency is a meaningful way to determine whether you can trust an online casino. If the bonus terms are forthright, that is a good sign. If the wording is confusing and the details do not match up, we recommend closing that site and choosing another from our extensive list of online casinos.

What bonus types will you find online?

Armed with the knowledge you need to find the best bonus that will allow you to maximise your time and entertainment value at the Blackjack table, you need to decide what type of bonus you will look for.

Here is a brief look at the types of bonuses on offer at most virtual casinos and whether they are a good fit for Blackjack players.

  • Deposit Match Bonuses - This is the most common casino bonus that rewards you for making your first deposit at a casino with a bonus that can range from 25% up to 400% of your initial deposit. The casino can also offer additional bonuses on several follow-up transactions to encourage ongoing deposits.
  • No Deposit Bonuses - The casino can offer bonus amounts to players for joining the casino for the first time. It is worth noting that these are often minimal bonuses and are the ones most likely to come with low withdrawal limits.
  • Bonus Packages - Some casinos bundle promotions together to create a more attractive offering. This could mean receiving several deposit bonuses, a small no-deposit offer, and free spins in one package. While the free spins are unimportant in this instance, the other offers are worth your time if the Blackjack games contribute to the playthrough.
  • Game-Specific Bonuses - There are some instances where the bonus offer or a part of it is locked to a specific game, like a new slot machine. Always check the terms to see which games must be played (if applicable) and whether this will distract you from finding a promotion tailored to the needs of Blackjack players.
  • Region Locked Offers - We always recommend checking the excluded countries list of a promotion before joining a casino and making a deposit. If your region is not able to make full use of the offer and it is clearly stated in the terms, you’re unlikely to get a refund.
  • Exclusive Offers - Always check out Exclusive Bonuses, as the casino will likely offer better terms and conditions to appeal to new players.

This may sound tedious with the expansion of licensed casino gambling worldwide, but most regulators require that their licensees make this information readily available and easy to understand. This makes the process of checking these details quick and easy to do.

Here are the most common casino bonus types online:

For additional information on these bonuses, you can read our guide - Online Casino Bonuses Explained.

Additional promotions to consider

While the obligatory new-player casino bonus is important when choosing where to play Blackjack online, there is also value in checking what the site offers to its players over the long term.

When reviewing the terms and conditions, be sure also to check out the following:

  • Blackjack Tournaments - Casino tournaments offer players an entertaining way to enjoy their favourite casino games, engage with the community (in the case of multi-player events) and win instant cash prizes.
  • VIP and Loyalty Programs - Nearly all casinos offer players access to a loyalty program to thank them for their support. As these programs are geared towards encouraging you to stay at the casino, you can likely get your host to ensure your birthday bonus and tier rewards favour Blackjack games.
  • “We Miss You” Offers - When you leave a casino to join a new one, you might not often think of returning. However, keep their email whitelisted as casinos are known to send lucrative bonus offers to woo lost players back - make sure to let them know you want a Blackjack bonus when they do.

The most important thing to keep in mind when embarking on your Blackjack bonus adventure is that you are the prize. The casino wants your time and your money. Make sure you only give it to sites that meet your needs.

At CasinoWow, we are here to ensure you have all the information and insights you need to make an informed decision about where to gamble online.

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