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Guide to Sticky vs Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

Published by Stelly | May 28, 2023

The online gaming industry is getting bigger and better with each passing day. Bringing players something new and exciting to look forward to no matter where they choose to play from. This includes everything from enhanced games to elaborate bonuses and promotions.

Sticky vs Non-Sticky Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, you will find that there is a variety of promotional offers that are available in every online casino. And if you take a closer look at the terms and conditions of these offers, you'll notice some are Sticky Bonuses, and others are Non-Sticky Bonuses.

On this page, we look at the difference between these two types of promotional offers, the pros and cons and which one might be more beneficial for your gameplay. Keep reading for more information on Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses and where to find them.

What is a Sticky online casino bonus?

A Sticky bonus is a bonus where you can not withdraw the bonus money no matter what. Even if you meet all the bonus requirements, this remains the same. Another term of a Sticky bonus is that the bonus and the deposited funds are combined from the get-go, so you won't be able to withdraw your funds until the wagering requirements have been met.

You will need to wager your bonus and deposited amount before any withdrawals can be made.

The good news is that the wagering requirements on Sticky bonuses are often much lower, so you can quickly meet these requirements.

The important thing to remember with a Sticky bonus is that you can't withdraw before meeting the wagering requirements. If you attempt to make a withdrawal before the wagering requirements have been met, there is a chance you might risk forfeiting your promotion completely.

You can make bets using the Sticky bonus money to meet the bonus wagering requirements on any and all participating games.

Another term for a Sticky bonus is that it's a non-cashable bonus, as it is a bonus that remains stuck until the terms have been met. Make sure you check out the CasinoWow list of top recommended casinos with the best Sticky bonuses for 2023.

It's important to note that you may come across different types of Sticky Bonuses. There are Expiring and Phantom Sticky Bonuses. Phantom Sticky Bonuses are the types of bonuses that will stay attached to your account until you clear it out. And the Expiring Sticky Bonuses, as the name implies, come with a time restriction. It will expire after a certain period, which will be clearly displayed in the Bonus terms and conditions.

What is a Non-Sticky online casino bonus?

Non-Sticky bonuses are quite popular. With these offers, you get the chance to withdraw the bonus funds once you've met the wagering requirements. Another fun thing about these types of promotional offers is that the bonus funds and the deposited funds are separated. Thus, you get to play using your deposited funds first, and only once that is done, do you get to play using your bonus funds.

This also means that you can withdraw your deposited funds and all winnings made with it at any point, which is the polar opposite of what you experience when using Sticky bonuses.

With a Non-Sticky bonus, you can withdraw your deposited funds before wagering it through, as your deposited funds are separate from the bonus funds. This means you tend to have very few restrictions until you play using the bonus amount. It's only once you start playing the bonus funds that you start seeing some limitations being applied.

Keep in mind that if you decide to make any withdrawals or cash out funds before wagering it through, then any bonus funds get forfeited, as well as any winnings made from the bonus funds. So, there are pros and cons to the Non-Sticky online casino bonuses.

Sticky vs Non-Sticky bonuses: Pros and Cons

Here is a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of Sticky and Non-Sticky bonuses:

  Sticky Bonuses Non-Sticky Bonuses
Pros • These bonuses are often quite big, making them a big hit among newcomers and loyal players.
• The wagering requirements are lower. Expect wagering requirements around 20x and 30x.
• You will find little to no restrictions on games.
• Your maximum bet amount is quite high when the bonus is active.
• A big perk is that these bonuses can be withdrawn at any time.
• You can withdraw the bonus amount as well as your deposit amount.
Cons • No withdrawals can be made before wagering requirements have been met.
• The bonus amount can't be cashed out.
• The bonus amount is generally smaller than that of Sticky Bonuses.
• Wagering requirements can be quite high. Expect wagering requirements around 40x or 50x.
• May be wagering restrictions on the games you're allowed to play.
• There is often a limited maximum bet amount.

Checking to see if a bonus is Sticky or Non-Sticky

The first thing you want to do when you are presented with a bonus is to open the promotional terms and conditions of the offer. These are generally directly accessible via the offer page or via the casino's website.

The casino won't directly state whether it is a Sticky or Non-Sticky bonus offer. So, you shouldn't expect a black-and-white description. While this might be convenient, this is not what casinos have listed in their terms.

Instead, you will need to read through the bonus terms and conditions to see if this offer is considered a Sticky or not.

Some terms that steer towards a Non-Sticky offer will be something like: "Players can request a withdrawal of deposited funds prior to meeting the wagering requirements."

Other terms for Non-Sticky bonuses include key phrases like spending real money before spending bonus funds. And deposits may be withdrawn before your wagering requirements have been fulfilled. Any terms in line with this indicate that the bonus is Non-Sticky.

A Sticky bonus will have terms that state, "Wagering requirements have to be met before any withdrawals can be made". Also, make sure that you learn what the wagering requirements are. For example, 60x deposit and bonus funds must be wagered before a withdrawal is possible.

What makes a Non-Sticky bonus so popular?

Non-Sticky bonuses have become quite popular among players due to the fact that they are cashable. The reason is that players have the opportunity to make money with these offers.

It should be noted that turning your Non-Sticky bonuses into real money is not as easy as some may make it look. This is because you will only be able to use the bonus on specific games or place special bets.

The benefit of these bonuses is that you play using your real-money funds first, which enables you to meet the wagering requirements quicker.

It's a bonus type that is growing in popularity in casinos across the world. Non-Sticky bonuses are the preferred option as there is less pressure in using this type of offer. At the same time, Sticky bonuses come with more pressure and restrictions.

Don't discard Sticky bonuses

Sticky bonuses shouldn't be discarded too quickly. While these bonuses are not cashable, smart players can find Sticky bonuses that are bigger than cashable ones. Giving you more to play can be more beneficial in the long run.

If you know how to utilise your promotional offer and make the most out of it, you can use the offer to your advantage. When you know how to do this, the many restrictions that come with the bonus don't stand in the way. And you can effortlessly meet these requirements while fully taking advantage of the offer to play your favourite casino games.

The best bonus for you

Every promotional offer has its own advantages. While Sticky bonuses may have you stuck to wagering requirements, they have very few rules and restrictions to meet. Whereas Non-Sticky bonuses are easy to cash out, the wagering requirements are incredibly high, and you can only play select games.

These types of offers are generally linked to No Deposit Bonuses or Free Spins Offers. You will get to play one or more selected games that are listed in the terms and conditions.

It's important to check the terms and conditions to get your hands on your promotional offer successfully. Learn more about claiming bonuses and promotions via our casino bonuses guides section. Here you can get information on bonuses, how they work and other insider tips.

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