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The best devices & places to enjoy mobile casinos

Published by Niki | March 31, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

Play at mobile casinos on best devices and places available

The world is changing and technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Everything is getting smaller and more convenient. Online gambling has received a massive reshuffle in the last decade, with the introduction of mobile casino gambling. This is only possible because of the huge advances in mobile device technology.

But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are still times that gambling from your desktop machine is a better option. First of all, the screen size is a relief to your eyes. Then the processing power is better, and it can accommodate both better graphics and better sound effects.

However, mobile is a convenient way to stay entertained in this “rat-race” of a life that many of us are forced to live in nowadays. But before you can go ahead and enjoy yourself, you may have some questions that need answering. These may include:

  • What is a mobile casino?
  • What are the advantages of mobile casinos?
  • Which are better, Android or iPhone casinos?
  • Which are better, mobile sites, or mobile apps?
  • What are the best devices to play with and where can I enjoy mobile casinos?

The first four questions can be answered in our casino guide section, but it is the last question that we will look to answer in this guide.

What is the difference between the devices where you can play online casinos
Find out the difference between the devices where you can play online casinos.

Mobile devices compatible with mobile casinos

The whole range of casino devices is supported by mobile casinos. These include:


The two predominant software platforms catered for in detail online are both the iOS (Apple) and Android platforms. There are more apps available in these two segments - Android Casinos and iPhone Casinos. Furthermore, casino sites online also make sure that their browsers conform specifically to Android and iOS specifications, as they are the leaders in the mobile “universe”.

What Device Works Best?

For the sake of this guide, we will not be platform-specific, but will rather deal with devices in two specific categories: Mobile Smartphones and Tablets. There are no hard and fast answers to the question of which of these devices works best, as a number of factors must be taken into account before a selection can be made.

Mobile smartphones

Whether your preference is iPhone or Android, there are myriads of smartphone casinos that can cater to your wants and desires. Options for both app-based casinos and browser-based play are available for smartphones, to optimise gameplay for the tiny display screens.

The advantage of opting to play with phones over other devices is the Play on the Go capability. Smartphones are a part of just about everyone’s day to day life. These pocket-sized devices are convenient in the fact that they can be kept in your pocket, rather than in a clumsy bag or carry case. Mobile phone gambling is, therefore, best suited to those of you that spend copious amounts of time commuting via public transport, or if you spend a lot of time in queues. Perhaps you like gambling on a whim. If any of these cases describe you, then a mobile phone is possibly your best mobile tool offering.

One of the negative features of mobile phones, in this context, is the size of their batteries. Applications such as mobile casino games drain a lot of battery power from the device when running for long periods of time.

Mobile tablets

Tablets can capably download any of the apps used by a smartphone as well as browse any of your tablet casino sites. The most notable advantage of this type of device over a smartphone would be the size of the screen.

Tablets are far better devices for those who would prefer to experience the reel rolls or deck shuffles on a bigger screen but who would still like the freedom of playing anywhere and everywhere they choose. There is far less eye strain involved in playing on a bigger screen, which may prove a real advantage for the ageing side of society.

The obvious downside to tablets over phones is the bulkiness factor. Phones are a lot easier to transport, and you can be a lot sneakier with smaller devices. So, if you are into catching a game during working hours, the tablet may give you away.

Tablets are however a great replacement for laptops or desktops, as you gain the advantages of both worlds in one; with large displays coupled with on the go convenience.

Best places to enjoy mobile casinos

Mobile casinos can be found in two distinct places for enjoyment: Both on casino web pages and through casino apps. We will have a look at these in a little more detail below as well as discuss a couple of tips that must be followed if you want to enjoy your mobile gambling experience to the fullest.

Online casino website

Many online casino sites offer a mobile casino “skin”. This offers a browser that is designed to be compatible with mobile device software. The introduction of HTML5 browser software makes mobile gameplay seamless. No mobile app is needed to play like this, which means that you needn’t add clutter to your phone or tablet, saving memory at the same time.

You will, however, have to make sure that you have a favourable internet speed available to you, either by way of WiFi connection or 4G LTE wireless technology because gaming browsers demand decent speeds to avoid buffering.

Mobile app casino

A number of the bigger casinos offer dedicated mobile casino apps. These Java-based applications are designed to maximise the performance of mobile devices for great playability. These apps may take more device storage space but usually provide faster response and loading times, along with seamless gameplay.

You can find links to these apps at your favourite casino, or you can go to either the “Google Play Store” or “Apple iStore” and search for casino apps there. You will find that there are far more apps available for IOS platforms at the iStore than there are for Android devices at the “Play Store”. Third-party apps on casino sites are usually sufficient for mobile gambling with Android devices.

Tips and tricks to ensure mobile casino enjoyment

  • Make sure that the app you load is compatible with your device.
  • Only download reputable casino apps, as there are many cheap imitations out there that offer bad gameplay and sub-par performance. Always read the review and rating of the app.
  • Always play at a reputable casino, when using a browser to ensure enhanced mobile gameplay and security for sensitive information.
  • Always search for a casino that offers a good variety of games. When selecting a gambling home, you might as well make sure that you will never get bored, which can easily happen if you are only offered a few titles or sub-par titles.
  • Always have a look at the bonuses offered at a casino before signing up. A good casino bonus can certainly aid you in boosting your bankroll, as well as making you familiar with games at the cost of the casino. Do not sign up with a casino that offers few bonuses.

CasinoWow conclusion

Mobile gambling is an awesome way to experience entertainment with a payoff. There is no longer a need to spend hours and hours away from your family, while you settle down to play slots at CasinoWow. You can now take advantage of 10 minutes of play here, and another 15 minutes there. This way you can keep all the things you love. You can enjoy much-needed family time as well as a few minutes of alone time if need be.

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