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The ultimate guide to Live Casino Game Shows for beginners

Published by Stelly | July 24, 2022 | Last updated: May 29, 2023

You can always rely on the iGaming industry to provide brilliant entertainment, exciting ways to bet on fun casino games, and innovative ways to be a winner.

One of the most recent ways in which online casinos and software providers have done just that is by introducing live casino game shows.

A category of live dealer casino games, these creations are filled with everything you could ever want from an online casino game. Keep reading to learn more about these types of online casino games and which are the most popular options.

What are live casino game shows?

Live Casino Game Shows

Live casino game shows are the perfect blend of live dealer games and popular game shows that we all know and love. Evolution was the first provider to release one of these live games in 2017, and it has grown in popularity ever since.

More than just another live casino game where a dealer will walk you and your fellow punters through the gambling experience, these games are thrilling. They will transport you to a game show setting where every spin of the wheel, drop of the coin, or flash of lightning could mean another win.

Live dealer game shows take gambling and live casino games to a whole new level where you're a part of the action from the very first bet.

How to play live dealer game shows

Playing live dealer game shows is more simple than it may first seem. You'll need to start by selecting an online casino with a live dealer section. We recommend visiting any of the live casinos we have listed so that you know you're in good hands.

Choosing an online casino that is safe and legal is just as important as choosing the right casino game. Once you've signed up at a casino, you'll need to prepare to play for real money. Unfortunately, live dealer game shows cannot be played in demo mode as they require a live dealer to operate the game.

If you want to see what a game is all about before you play, you can either do a little research and read a few game reviews or watch a YouTube video of the gameplay.

Some live dealer games allow you to sit and watch a game without participating, but this may only be for players waiting to take a seat at the virtual table.

Now that you've chosen your game, fund your account and get ready to play. Set your budget and take your virtual seat. But remember, you're not in the audience of this game show; you're a part of the action, so start betting! The live dealer will explain every bonus game, feature, and possible reward, so pay attention. You can also communicate with your fellow punters using the chat function in the game.

If the game show is particularly fast-paced, don't lag behind and ensure that your internet connection is up to speed, or you may miss out on a chance to be a winner.

Popular live casino game shows

Live casino game shows have been running since 2017, which means there are quite a few options to choose from. Here are the most popular options and what you can expect to find when playing these exciting games of skill and luck. Want to know more? Read our full reviews for an in-depth look at these casino games.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher was the first-ever live dealer game show created by Evolution, and it kicked off a market that aims to entertain without an end in sight. 

The game has simple rules, exciting rewards, and the chance to cash in on a special multiplier that exists in a segment on the spinning wheel. Many of Evolution's new game show creations use Dream Catcher as the blueprint for success.

Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash by Evolution is a high-octane live dealer game show that will take you on a journey through highs and lows. Hopefully, you'll experience more highs than lows while playing this simple (but thrilling) ball game.

Get started by stepping into the aircraft with a smiling host or hostess. Here you'll see a simple ball machine take centre stage. When the bets are placed and the game begins, a ball will appear to determine who wins or loses. You can choose to continue the journey with your full bet, continue the journey with half of your bet, and take it all for keeps.

The more you bet and win, the higher the multipliers will climb, and the bigger your rewards could be.

Lightning Roulette

RNG gameplay and live roulette come together in this Evolution casino game where lightning could strike at any moment. While the usual roulette betting options may be available, this game, Live Lightning Roulette, is different from any roulette table you have ever seen. The dealer will prompt all players to place their bets, but instead of simply waiting for the little white ball to decide your fate, Evolution has added game show flair to Lightning Roulette.

As the round begins, between one and five numbers will be struck by lightning, turning them into Lucky Numbers. These Lucky Numbers are now multipliers worth between 50x and 500x your bet. If you placed your bet on one of the random Lucky Numbers, your payout will explode in big rewards!

Lightning Dice

Roll the dice and let them land where they may with Lightning Dice by Evolution. It's obvious that Evolution loves its lightning, and it's for good reason - this software provider is all about flair and drama! More than that, games like Lightning Dice will have you on the edge of your seat as the chance to increase your payout strikes during every game round.

Lightning Dice is the first of its kind and appeals to live dealer players, slots fans, and even bingo lovers. There's something for everyone as the dealer drops the three dice at the top of the Lightning Tower.

Once the betting time has ended, lightning will strike to reveal multipliers of up to 1000x on the board.

Crazy Time

It's time to get crazy with this unique live dealer game show by Evolution! Crazy Time has a Wheel of Fortune ready to spin and reward all who place their bets. The smiling live dealer will kick off the fun by starting the betting time. Once that's done, the wheel will spin, and it could reveal big wins or one of four bonus features.

Will Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time be your bonus round of choice? No matter what you choose, the chance to win huge rewards increases thanks to these fantastic bonus games drastically.

There is constant joy and enthusiasm, when you're playing live dealer casino game shows by top software providers like Evolution.

Monopoly Live

Love it or hate it, Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world ever created. It has created billions in revenue and feuds between family members that have lasted for years. Now Monopoly is more than just a board game, it's now a live casino game show by Evolution.

Created in partnership with Hasbro, this live dealer game has exploded in popularity. Monopoly Live is based on Evolution's Dream Catcher game, where a spinning wheel decides the fate of those who place their bets.

Once you've bet, you could unlock exciting Monopoly-themed features like CHANCE, 2 ROLLS, and much more. Mr Monopoly himself will even join during one of the bonus games as the studio will transform into a 3D Monopoly world!

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

The wonderful and beloved Gonzo heads off on a new adventure with Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, the first slot-style live casino game to be created by Evolution. Where Gonzo was once just an explorer on the reels of a NetEnt online slot, he now joins the live dealer to take you on a journey that you'll never forget.

The aim of the game (which can even be enjoyed in VR) is to uncover hidden treasures on the gameboard, which mimics the well-known Gonzo's Quest slot. For every bet you place, you can choose a stone symbol to turn over, and a prize may just be hidden beneath it.

The random Prize Drop should not be missed as it can instantly boost winnings by up to 20,000x! If you're looking for treasure-hunting fun, look no further than Gonzo himself.

Learn more about these top live casino games, read their reviews, or start playing for real money!


This one and only veteran of live dealer game shows is now entirely focused on the spinning wheel, where a live dealer will make sure that you're ready to place your bets and unlock prizes.

A perfect mix of crash casino games, live dealer energy, and a bingo-style game show, it's an all-time favourite of so many casino players! Enjoy it and take the new journey.

This live game is distinct from every other roulette table you have ever seen, giving you an exciting experience from the very first bet! You can feel a double adrenaline rush while playing it.

Ready to feel the excitement of this perfectly made live game? To stand a chance to win, you simply need to bet on what you think the total of the three dice will be.

The crazy Wheel of Fortune is ready, so let the show begin. This live dealer casino game show is where the fun and excitement never stop!

Who doesn't know this game from their childhood? Now Monopoly is more than just a board game - it's also a live casino game show.

If you're looking for treasure-hunting fun, look no further than Gonzo himself. This favourite character is ready to take us on a new journey as a live casino game.


Explore our recommended live dealer online casinos and enjoy the best live casino games by top software providers. Play with peace of mind, play responsibly, and have fun!

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