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Autoplay features at online casinos

Published by Niki | February 15, 2021 | Last updated: April 18, 2023

Online casino games have become so much more than just ordinary entertainment in a virtual game space. Each game is full of excitement thanks to a unique theme, fun features and big win possibilities.

Providers strive to bring players a unique game offering with features, graphics and themes unlike the offering powered by competitors. One common denominator you will find is an Autoplay function.

What is Autoplay?

Online slots are a lot of fun with a simple game mechanic where you need to click the spin button to reveal your best outcome. If you're an avid slot player, it can become quite annoying to keep hitting that spin button. For this reason, the Autoplay function has been created.

It allows you to play a set number of automated spins consecutively. Thus, enabling you to play the game without having to hit the spin button after every completed game round manually. Granted, it is a feature to use with caution, and the bet size and the spin amount should be set with a budget in mind.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Casino Autoplay Features

How does Autoplay work?

The Autoplay function is a simple addition to slot games that enables you to save time and play a pre-set number of spins at a time.

Getting started with this feature requires you to set up automated spins. The Autoplay function comes with its own button, which is generally located next to or close to the Play/Spin button.

Click on the button and wait for the mini settings screen to open. Here you will get to choose the number of automated spins you wish to play. This generally ranges from 10 - 1,000 depending on the software provider.

Once you've determined the number of spins, you can press Play. This will trigger the automated feature and a countdown window will pop up (in most slots) displaying the number of automated spins left. Other slots display the number of spins left on the Autoplay button.

During the Autoplay session, all win amounts will be shown on the screen, and the funds will be added to your player credits. Once all the spins are done, the reels will stop spinning, and you can opt for more automated spins or manual spins.

The Autoplay function is not a make-or-break feature, and you don't have to complete the set number of spins. If you wish to end the pre-set spins before they run out, you can hit the Autoplay function button again to stop or pause.

Different Autoplay options

Older slots have a standard Autoplay feature where you can choose the number of spins, set your bet amount and hit spin. The newer slots feature more intricate and advanced Autoplay options making them even more powerful and beneficial to players.

The majority of modern Autoplay features allow you to set your Autoplay based on:

  • Number of Spins (10-1,000);
  • Win/Loss Amount;
  • Free Spins Trigger;
  • Bonus Feature Trigger.

The great thing about the advanced settings is that it gives you even more control over the gaming experience. You can practice responsible gambling with the ability to set stop/loss limits while enjoying automated spins on the best and latest slots.

Is Autoplay active during bonus rounds?

As noted above, the Autoplay feature enables you to determine when your automated spins stop - whether it's by the number of spins or a feature triggered — leading many to wonder if the feature will remain active during the bonus rounds.

In older games where bonus features are made up of mostly free spins, the Autoplay continues. In modern games, it depends on the software provider and the game design.

In the free spins bonus slots, the bonus round starts automatically, the Autoplay feature should remain active. If you are required to click on the start button to enter the free spins game, the Autoplay will pause for the bonus round. This is essentially a good thing as free spins are generally automated, making the Autoplay function redundant for the session.

You will notice that the feature comes to a stop in most slots if a random number of free spins is awarded.

Is it available for all games or just online slots?

The Autoplay function is one of the many benefits offered to online slot players. This convenient feature is not available for many other games such as Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette. These games require you to place manual bets with every game round.

You will note that some Table Games such as Blackjack have an Autoplay setting, but it is built so that you will still need to make constant decisions regarding your gameplay.

There are Video Poker variants that allow Autoplay. With the Video Poker Autoplay function, the Autoplay starts with the initial deal. From there, the feature will use the perfect strategy for that variant and hold the best cards from the initial hand dealt.

To date, the majority of Table Games require active participation for players. Online casino games such as Baccarat, Craps and Roulette require you to make various decisions. Blackjack and Poker gameplay requires the use of a strategy. Which is currently too advanced for Autoplay and truthfully, the whole gaming experience would go to waste.

For Roulette, some Automated minor features such as favourite bets provide convenience and speed up the betting process. But overall, most casino games still require manual participation whereas slot games enable the use of Autoplay at any point of your game session.

In the News: The Gambling Commission of Great Britain launched a consultation in mid-2020 to increase slots' safety. One of the focus points was Autoplay and quick spin features and possibly banning these from games. By November 2020, the slot gameplay speed was slowed down with the removal of Autoplay still a possibility.

Is it beneficial for players and if so, how?

Autoplay is one of the features that make slots easier for players. One of the most significant benefits of Autoplay is that it saves you time and removes the annoyance of having to click the spin button over and over again. Of course, for many players, this also tends to remove the excitement from experience.

It's all a matter of balance and using the Autoplay function when needed instead of with every online casino session.

Then there is the convenience of the feature. With Autoplay activated, your hands are free. Meaning you can complete tasks in and around the house, answer a phone call or even host guests while playing online slots.

For others, it's an opportunity to sit back and relax, watching the game run instead of actively taking part in the process.

Most online casinos host slot tournaments where your wins, total bet amount or number of spins determine your rank. With Autoplay, you can climb the ranks quicker and 'devote' time to the tournament without actually losing any time or becoming unproductive in other areas of your life.

Some disadvantages

The good is always accompanied by bad, and despite its many benefits, Autoplay does have some disadvantages. One is that all bet sizes will remain the same as the computer won't be able to decide the way you do. On top of that, your bankroll isn't considered, so if you're running low on funds, you could easily lead into a loss rather than a win when setting up a high bet amount with too many spins.

More importantly, for many players, the Autoplay feature removes the excitement that comes with playing. When you're not actively taking part in the gaming experience, it can easily become boring and unfulfilling.

Should I use Autoplay?

Autoplay is a function recommended for when you need to free your hands but still want to participate in gaming. Or to climb the ranks in slot tournaments but don't have the time to spin the reels yourself actively.

The feature is also ideal for the times you need to clear a bonus quickly. Some bonuses are exclusive to slots, and if you wish to get through the wagering requirements rapidly, the Autoplay function is your best solution.

Another great opportunity to take advantage of this feature is if there is a large progressive jackpot at stake. By activating Autoplay you can maximise your number of spins played in a shorter time, increasing your chances. Of course, this does not guarantee a jackpot win will trigger.

Automate only when needed

Autoplay is just a function that can be a great tool if used correctly. If you want to use it, then do so. Just make sure you set up your spins correctly to avoid leading to a loss or getting a bankroll scare. It doesn't matter if you opt for a simple Autoplay or advanced setting structure, use it responsibly.

The Autoplay feature is there to enhance your gaming experience and add convenience for the days when you need it. It would be best to complete your spins manually for the days you want to play the best online slots for free and maximise your gaming entertainment.

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