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How to take part in online casino tournaments

Published by Kally | April 1, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

How to be good at online casino tournaments?

While constantly trying to improve and come up with new innovative ideas to keep players entertained, online casinos are getting them to try out the latest games. One such idea was casino tournaments. Many players are familiar with poker tournaments but the latest craze among casinos is slot tournaments.

These tournaments can continue for as little as a day to a month depending on the stakes. The main reason players participate in these tournaments is because they often have big cash prizes and other goodies to win.

Tournaments are the most popular because they are easy to participate in and they often don’t require a skill set. It’s a levelled playing field where all players can have an equal chance of taking home big wins, depending on how much they put into the tournament.

How to be good at online casino tournaments guide
Learn the strategies for winning at online casino tournaments in this guide.

The basic need to know about tournaments

Tournaments are almost always linked to one or a few selected Casino Slots or Poker Games. They come with a basic structure that often requires a buy-in, a certain amount of deposits or wagers to be completed within a certain time frame, and reward only the players who rank the highest on the leaderboard.

If regular casino games aren’t fully satisfying your competitive side, then these tournaments are exactly what you need. It’s an extremely competitive action, where you play against other players and fight to get to the top of the leaderboard.

In most cases, the basic structure remains the same but depending on the type of tournament you are playing, the rules may vary.

Different types of tournament

You might not believe it but there are already 6 different types of casino tournaments you can participate in, namely: Scheduled, Sit ‘n Go, Extender, One Shot, Reloader and Survivor tournaments. Each of these tournaments has its own rules, time frame and end goal while attempting to maximise the enjoyment for the player.

Scheduled tournaments

The Scheduled tournaments come with a fixed time and in most cases, there is an entry fee attached. In these tournaments, there is limited space available and players are required to register before the games start. Players will always know the prize pool size before the tournament starts.

Sit ‘n Go tournaments

In Sit ‘n Go tournaments, there is an easier going vibe and the schedule is relatively flexible. These tournaments also have limited space but they only start once enough players have signed up. These tournaments are ideal for players who sign in to the casino looking for a quick and fun way to pass the time. As the name states, these tournaments require that players sign up and sit waiting for enough players to enter before the game starts. Once there are enough players the tournament will start immediately.

One-Shot tournaments

They throw people into a fast-paced environment where only the top player walks away with a prize. These are the most popular tournaments and they only last for a single round. It’s an adrenaline rush with excitement at its peak as players are all racing to be at the top of the ranks.

Extender tournaments

Extender tournaments take place over a longer time period and allow players to continue their tournament play even if they’ve run out of credits. These are great for players looking to win big over the long haul but can also be bad for players who don’t know when to quit.

Reloader tournaments

The most popular tournaments at most online casinos at the moment are the Reloader tournaments where players can play a selected number of games multiple times in an effort to climb the ranks. Generally, these tournaments are slot tournaments, and they are also linked to a certain time frame which can last anything from a week to a month depending on the prize pool. All players are equal and have the same chance of reaching the top of the scoreboard. Winners are selected at random and according to scores and other requirements determined in the terms and conditions.

Survivor tournament

One of the toughest tournaments is the Survivor tournament, where only one player gets to walk away with the total prize pool. These tournaments take place over a few rounds and after each round, a few players with the lowest rankings will fall out. This continues until there is only 1 player left.

Tips and Tricks for success

It’s safe to assume that these tournaments, especially slot tournaments, are luck-based. No form of strategy will give you an upper hand over the rest of the players unless you are participating in a poker tournament that is entirely strategy based.

When you play an online casino tournament it’s best to assume that the results are generated at random. In some cases, it is completely determined by the requirements asked to be met. For most tournaments linked to slots, the key is to play as much as possible. The longer you play, the higher your chances are of making it to the top of the leaderboard.

The key is to stay focused on your gameplay and not lose focus when you see other players climbing higher on the leaderboard. When playing multi-payline games, it’s always beneficial to play all of the lines.

Tournament winners have suggested that playing the maximum bet amount is also incredibly beneficial to your gameplay and ranking in the tournament, but it isn’t a set fact.

Casino tournaments are challenging and highly rewarding, but most importantly they’re about having a good time. If you’re not having a good time then it’s the wrong tournament for you. There are several online tournaments, and some casinos have weekly tournaments with cash prizes to keep players winning. Maybe before trying a One-Shot tournament, you can try playing a Reloader tournament.

If you are a first-time tournament participant the best advice would be to try something small and less risky to get your head in the game and get a feel for how the tournament works and how it impacts your bankroll and your enjoyment. As you get more comfortable with the structure and setting you can try out more types of tournaments to find the ones that work best for you. You can always take a look for more information on CasinoWow.

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