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Top Online Casinos Licensed by the Jersey Gambling Commission

The top gambling network in the world is made up of gambling operators around Europe that are licensed and regulated to ensure that the casinos and sportsbooks operate within international standards. This ensures the safest and fairest gambling environments possible.

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List of Jersey (GC) Approved Casinos

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Jersey (GC) Pros & Cons

Table of contents

    Gambling Regulations

    Jersey is an island located in the Bay of St Malo to the Northwest of France. It is the largest of the Channel Islands yet is surprisingly the last to regulate gambling. Though close in proximity to Alderney and Guernsey, Jersey is independent of a legislative perspective.

    Jersey is a stable self-governing country, with a strong allegiance to the British Crown, despite their independence. It is an internationally respected jurisdiction that has been ranked as one of the top offshore business centres in the world.

    Seeing the need to regulate the fast-growing online gambling industry in the area, the state of Jersey implemented legislation to govern all forms of gambling operating from within their shores. The Jersey Gambling Commission was hence birthed on 3 September 2010 as an independent organisation that partners with the state to ensure that gambling practices are regulated and that legislation is enforced.


    The mission is made very clear in the briefs laid out for potential operators upon their registration. The Commission is very interested in ensuring that:

    Vulnerable and under-aged persons are protected from the dangers of gambling: This means that strict protocols are expected to be in place with regards to controlling this. Responsible Gambling protocols, like Age Verification procedures, Reality Checks, Self-Exclusions, Spend Limits, etc., must be implemented at all licensed online casinos.

    A secure and safe gambling environment is maintained: Protocols must be in place at operators to ensure the safeguarding of customer accounts and data protection on the site.

    Fair gaming is offered: This includes that all gaming software and RNG’s are suitably tested regularly by approved independent auditors, such as eCogra, iTech Industries, Gaming Associates, and others. It also ensures fair and clear marketing practices are adhered to so as not to mislead the public.


    To ensure that all gambling operators are able to offer the high standards of service that the Jersey Gambling Commission requires, each operator is required to take part in a rigorous vetting process where the company financials are examined, the business protocols are overviewed, and the gaming technology is rigorously tested. This process ensures that the casino or gambling provider meets the mark of international standards.

    The process of registration is openly known to be rigorous in Jersey but is adhered to for the sake of all the perks offered to casino businesses that carry the license. Aside from the licensing process, all B2C applicants offering casino games must register with the Financial Services Commission, under the ‘Proceeds of Crime’ law of 2008, so that they can be monitored and supervised to curb crime.

    The registration process for remote gambling operators is very rigorous. Each service under this category must be registered for separately. There are 5 possible licensing situations:

    1. Operator’s License
    2. Hosting Provider License
    3. Platform Provider License
    4. Software Designer License
    5. Testing House License

    For the sake of this page, we will have a look at the procedures needed to apply for an operator’s license. The initial application involves the submission of multiple forms:

    • A registration fee is payable of £5,000
    • Application for the License
    • Application for Equipment
    • List of all Officers and Management Form
    • Corporate Waiver Form
    • Personal Waiver Form
    • Personal Declaration Form – Full
    • Personal Declaration Form – Key Personnel and TBC Directors

    Upon approval, a license fee will be required from the applicant within 28 days:

    • B2C Fee - £15,000
    • B2B Fee - £10,000

    Taxation and other benefits for online casinos holding JGC licence 

    One might wonder what the drawcard is for gambling operators when the fees and protocols for registration are so involved and expensive. When we analyse the tax laws for businesses in this jurisdiction, the reasons become very clear.

    Jersey’s Tax laws are extremely favourable for operators. They include:

    • No Corporate Tax Payable
    • No VAT on imported products and services
    • No Capital Tax transfer
    • No Capital gains Tax
    • No withholding taxes
    • No wealth taxes
    • No stamp duty on trading company shore transfers

    Aside from the obvious tax perks for casinos operating in this jurisdiction, business starting up in Jersey are guaranteed World-Class infrastructure and prominent financial service providers.

    Benefits for players

    Consumers and gamers are always better off playing at regulated online casinos. The benefits for players making use of Jersey regulated operators include:

    • A safe gaming environment where your identity and other data is secure.
    • Access to excellent recourse in the event of disputes or complaints.
    • Access to audited and approved gaming systems to ensure seamless and fair gambling.
    • Access to a wide selection of gaming entertainment.

    Top online casinos regulated in Jersey

    There are 3 stand-out operators licensed by the Jersey Gambling Commission. These include:

    Trada Casino

    This is a neat and easy to navigate casino site that offers several exciting promotions and bonuses, backed up with a large spread of games from industry greats, including NetEnt, Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, and many more. The casino has a name for fast withdrawals, releasing payouts within an hour in most cases.

    Mohawk Casino

    This is a tightly regulated casino in both the Mohawk Canadian district and in Jersey, ensuring that you play at top online gambling brand. The operator offers sports betting services, casino entertainment, and poker play options.

    Island Lotto

    Island Lotto is a simple but quirky looking gaming site that specializes in entertaining players in Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey with lotto games, slots and other instant win game options.

    CasinoWow Round-up

    Although very new to the regulatory world, Jersey Gambling Commission has proven to be a real ‘up-and-comer’ in the industry, showing a no-compromise attitude that has resulted in a reputation for strict oversight of gambling operations.

    Jersey Gambling Commission FAQ

    Can I file a complaint with the Jersey Gambling Commission?

    You can use the free online tool “Resolver” which gives advice to players in submitting a complaint. You may file a complaint with the Division of Gaming Enforcement by completing a Patron Complaint Form. You can e-mail complaints to the division address: [email protected], or contact this division by calling (609) 984-0909.

    How strict, difficult and time-consuming is the licensing process?

    The licensing regime is rigorous but straightforward and easy to understand. The applicant company’s financials are examined, the business protocols are overviewed, and the gaming technology is rigorously tested. All B2C applicants offering casino games must also register with the Financial Services Commission, under the ‘Proceeds of Crime’ law.

    Is there a player protection scheme by the Jersey Gambling Commission?

    Yes. Licensees are required, before a licence is issued, to demonstrate the protection of player accounts, and the provision of an environment where players’ personal data is secure. In the event of disputes, players have access to excellent recourse procedures. The Commission imposes protocols to protect children and other vulnerable persons from addiction to gambling.

    How can I self exclude myself from playing at all casinos licensed in Jersey?

    All licensees must comply with the JGA policy on self-exclusion, assisting anyone who wants to be refused service in the future. The player should access the relevant item on the operator’s website, or approach the operator’s Customer Support facility. Self-exclusion from one facility will automatically block access to all other licensed betting offices in Jersey.

    How costly is it to acquire the licence?

    The JGA licence application fee for remote gambling operators is £15,000, but a further fee of £5000 may be requested if the cost of the application exceeds the first amount payable. The licence is subject to an annual fee of £15,000 for annual gross gaming revenue (GGR) below £1,000,000, and £35,000 for annual GGR above £1,000,000.

    In which countries the Jersey licence can be used?

    This is not explicitly stated, but it can be assumed that, as with many other jurisdictions, the licence can be acquired in any country where online gambling is legal. The supported language is English.

    Are Jersey's tax laws favourable for gambling operators?

    Like Guernsey and the Isle of Man, Jersey also has a tax regime very attractive to remote gambling operators. There is an income tax but no capital gains tax, capital transfer tax or purchase tax in Jersey. A low GST of about 5% applies to online gambling above the taxable turnover threshold of £300,000.

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