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Player hits staggering $179 million LeoJackpot win

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A lucky player has triggered a $179,492.84 win from a $0,08 bet, showing small bets can lead to big wins at LeoVegas Casino.

Whenever you're playing at any online casino, there is always the possibility of triggering a jackpot win.

For LeoVegas Casino players, the potential of hitting a big win is increased with the exclusive LeoJackpot prize pool. One lucky player showed that big jackpot payouts are possible no matter your bet amount.

Lucky LeoJackpot winner

While winning might only sometimes seem like a real possibility at times, one LeoVegas player proved that it does not take big bets or experts to win. All it takes is trying.

The September LeoJackpot winner struck a massive jackpot win with a small additional bet of $0,08. He managed to rake in a huge win of $179,492.84 (approximately 162,485,894 CLP), playing Bonanza Cash Spree at LeoVegas Casino.

With the LeoJackpot prize pool, big winner stories are becoming frequent, and the September winner joins the list of players to rake in wins while playing fun casino games at this leading online gaming platform.

The most exciting part of the win is that the player didn't make massive bets to trigger the wins. He was betting $1.63 plus an additional $0,08 on a side bet for a chance to hit one of the jackpot prizes.

During his gameplay, he didn't trigger any other winnings. He simply activated the jackpot in which he obtained the Major prize and managed to take away the $179,492.84 win.

The lucky punter says he started playing to distract himself and didn't really think he'd win anything. He continued saying he'd recommend LeoVegas to any of his friends in a heartbeat as he likes the wide range of games, the fast service, the helpful customer support team, and the user-friendly platform.

What is the LeoJackpot?

The LeoJackpot is an exciting part of being a member of LeoVegas Casino. Not only do you get to play exciting online slots, table games and other casino games, but you also get to play games connected to the LeoJackpot.

The LeoJackpot
The LeoJackpot feature is connected to more than 1000 games. Once you enter one of the participating games, you must register to qualify.

When playing, you can add a side bet, which may trigger the jackpot feature. And if lady luck is on your side, you, too, could trigger a jackpot prize.

You will need to make an additional side bet per spin for a chance to trigger the jackpot feature. This will set you back around $0,08. The bet amount goes into the growing jackpot


You can trigger 4 jackpot prize pools: the Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. Each of these has a different prize payout.

Jackpot Seed Amount:

  • The Mini Jackpot seeds at $4.36
  • The Minor Jackpot seeds at $87.27
  • The Major Jackpot seeds at $87,268.71
  • The Mega Jackpot seeds at $4,363,435.44

This means you get to participate in over 1,000 games and make small side bets with each game round for a chance to trigger your share of over $11 million in jackpot payouts. The LeoJackpot is an exclusive prize pool only available to members at LeoVegas Casino.

Start playing at LeoVegas

LeoVegas Casino is a reputable online gaming platform with plenty to offer players, from the latest online slots to competitive sports betting odds and exclusive jackpot prize pools.

It's a gaming platform that keeps expanding and exploring ways to increase player entertainment and the site's safety measures.

If you enjoy quality gaming, great promotions, exclusive offers, and jackpots, you can check out LeoVegas Casino.

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