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Double Max win for Dragon Crash player

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A lucky player at Mr.Bet Casino hits a Double Max win on the new Dragon’s Crash game from BGaming.

Every online casino player aims for a big win when playing. Winnings are never guaranteed, making them much more rewarding when they finally hit.

That win came sooner than expected for one lucky player trying the BGaming new Dragon's Crash game.

Lucky Double Max win

Earlier this week, one player at Mr.Bet Casino decided to play the newest crash game, Dragon’s Crash, from BGaming. This exciting game has high-quality graphics, an immersive design, and the opportunity to rake in big rewards.

While playing the game, the punter hit a double max win of NZ$40,000 (£19,116.70)!

During this gaming session, the max multiplier of 10,000x was triggered, and the punter cashed out, taking home a whopping NZ$40,000. It’s an impressive feat, considering the high risk of the casino game and the idea that the multiplier can crash down at any point. It was a daring move that reaped the rewards.

The player had bet on 43 game rounds and wagered two bets per round of NZ$2 (£1.11) each. They held back on cashing out too early, aiming for a bigger payout.

On this glorious day, Lady Luck was in his favour, rewarding him with the maximum payout!

About the game

Dragon’s Crash is an Asian-themed crash game featuring a sleeping dragon that can wake up at any time to blow fire and crash the multiplier. In the game, the sleeping dragon is seen in the back, and closest to your view is a tray that collects all the falling gold coins. The multiplier grows as gold coins fall into the tray, but it all goes up in smoke if the dragon wakes up from his slumber.

The Dragon Crash game from BGaming features an enhanced screen with a player scoreboard. This means your victories will be shared with other players in the community.

The game was released on the 7th of March 2024 and has already become a pretty popular option for players in Latin America. The news of this latest win will foster even more interest in the future.

The game's theme focuses on good fortune and prosperity, with the dragon as the main character, in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. Regarding high-intensity games with great multiplier wins, Dragon Crash is an excellent addition to BGaming.

One of the highlights is the option to play multiple bets each round, increasing your winning chances.

Playing the game is quick and easy, making it ideal for beginners and experienced players. When it starts, you place your bets and watch the gold coins pile up on the tray. To hit a win, click the cashout button before the dragon wakes up to burn all the coins and end the round.

A word from BGaming

The co-CPO of the game provider BGaming, Julia Alekseeva, says they are incredibly happy and celebrating the max win on their latest crash game alongside the casino and the player. Alekseeva states that it takes bravery to wait for such a huge victory, especially in the presence of such a fearsome fire-breathing dragon.

It’s always a good day to celebrate big wins with other players. And it inspires us to take on daring adventures of our own! 

Published: March 25, 2024

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