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Be the ultimate warrior with the new Street Fighter II slot!

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Without a doubt, NetEnt is one of the best software providers in the iGaming industry! There are hundreds of casino games that show off NetEnt’s hard work and dedication to creating slots that capture the imagination and rewards players.

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, prepare to be blown away by NetEnt’s latest release. No longer do you have to long for your old gaming console you can play your favourite fighting game at a top-notch online casino!

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot is set to be released on the 21st of May 2020 and it’s time to finally answer the question: who is the best street fighter?

The classic slot takes on a whole new meaning as this casino game throws back to the days of pixels going head to head to be the winner.

Calling on classic fonts, old-school graphics, and the perfect game sounds to accompany the gameplay at hand, NetEnt ticked every box when creating Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot.

Round 1... Fight!

Boasting maximum betting options of up to £700, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior will suit all sorts of players. Whether you’re playing on a small budget or you’re ready to win big as a high roller, you can’t go wrong.

Once the game begins, you’ll have the chance to cash in on many different bonus features including the Fighter selection where you can take your pick of 8 different fighters. Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Zangief, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim will all be ready to fight at your side.

Choosing one of the fighters will affect your chances of winning with added Wild symbols and random rewards. You can also use your fighter to Beat the Boss for free spins!

Fight your way through 4 different bosses, claim multipliers of up to 10x your bet, and cash in on the ultimate reward – 100x your bet in an instant!

Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games, commented on the new release:

The release of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior took the arcade world by storm in the early nineties and today it is widely considered as the ultimate classic video game that continues to entertain fans almost 30 years later.”

Spin the Street Fighter Reels

Get ready to fight your way to big wins with this new NetEnt slot at top online casinos! Set to be released in MGA, UKGC, SGA regions, playing at a licensed online casino couldn’t be easier.

If you’re not sure where to get started, we recommend kicking butt at LuckyNikki Casino with a generous welcome bonus and great gameplay opportunities.

Published: May 10, 2020

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