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Top 3 Markets with the strictest responsible gambling tools

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Top iGaming markets with the strictest responsible gambling tools to severely impact your online gameplay.

For online casino players, there have been a lot of interesting new developments to adapt to in the last few years. While many have increased gaming convenience or expanded their gaming horizons, some have been more limiting.

The industry continues to grow and so do the problems that come with it, making responsible gambling a primary focus for operators and gaming authorities alike.

In this article, we look at the top three markets with strictly responsible gambling tools and how they affect player gameplay.

Strictest iGaming Markets

It's no secret that iGaming friendly markets are more aware of the dangers of the games and are dedicated to increasing safety features for players. While some are still more relaxed on their restrictions, others take their responsible gambling tools and measures to the next level.

Online casinos licensed by Curacao and casinos by Kahnawake generally have the least restrictions and no measures in place for responsible gambling. Whereas markets like the United Kingdom, Sweden, and now Ontario have a list that impacts operators and players alike.

One of the most recent studies published in the Journal of Gambling Studies revealed that 41% of high-volume players top depositing, and 44.9% stop wagering for the rest of the day after a mandatory play break.

This is based on a study evaluating the effects of 60-minute mandatory play breaks as a possible responsible gambling tool for online casinos in Britain. The study shows how these mandatory 60-minute breaks impact how customers deposit and wager after the 60 minutes are up. And it shows that 41% stop depositing for the rest of the day while a further 44.9% stop wagering.

Can mandatory breaks make a difference?

The addition of a mandatory play break in online casino settings helps prevent overspending within short periods. And while it might be an answer in terms of responsible gambling measures, studies also reveal a slight drop-off in customer loyalty after these breaks.

Sweden's gaming authority, Spelinspektionen, recently updated its self-exclusion scheme to offer players more gambling advice and assistance. The updates are still being made and are expected to be 100% complete by the end of May. With the latest updates, users will be able to use Spelpaus.se to block themselves from gambling websites voluntarily. The website will also provide more information and guidance on seeking help from gambling harm.

Ontario is one of the latest to launch a newly regulated iGaming market but is following Sweden's footsteps in terms of strict regulations and a strong focus on responsible gambling. Ontario is already looking at similar preventions and limitations on the max number of deposits and spins.

Furthermore, Ontario has made it clear that any operator that wants to operate legally within the region needs to be accredited by the RGC. Any online operator without the RGC responsible gambling accreditation will not be considered.

The RG Check was first developed in 2010 to help gaming venues fully evaluate their responsible gambling strategy and operations. It is used in all land-based operations, and now it is added as a requirement for online casinos.

Other limiting tools in various regions such as Norway and the UK are the loss limits that continue to lower. While the UKGC is currently evaluating its gaming regulations and in the motions of bringing changes, Norway recently reduced its maximum monthly loss on high-risk games even more.

Responsible gambling is the future

There is never a dull moment or a day without action when it comes to the online casino industry. Whether it's public or behind the scenes, there are always new developments, innovations, or exciting things happening.

With the industry continuously growing and the possibilities for the sector nearly limitless, it is vital to find a balance. The primary focus has been on creating a regulated industry in the last few years. Today more regions are changing or updating regulations to make space for the regulated online gambling industry.

With this online gambling industry, there has to be room for growth and a list of safety features to protect players. Problem gambling numbers are rising, and the authorities are merely trying to decrease the numbers.

The problem with imposing such strict measures is that it runs the risk of chasing players away from regulated markets straight to black market sites.

Today, there is nearly no top-rated online casino that doesn't have responsible gambling guides. Or a set of tools to help you stay in control of your gambling. These are helpful, and it's advisable to take advantage of these tools. However, some regions such as the UK, Sweden, and Ontario could be chasing players away from licensed operators.

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