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Spot the difference: Live casino games vs land-based casino games

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Is there a difference between playing casino games online with a live dealer vs at a land-based casino? Let’s find out.

Online gambling has been on the rise for many years, steamrolling every record and quickly gaining traction in countries worldwide. What started as an online pipedream has grown into a multiple billion Euro industry.

Entertaining players is all about making sure that their needs are met and creating games that are quick, fun, and rewarding. Live casino games have done exactly that by combining the online world with regular casino games, where you have a friendly croupier to walk you through every bet. Live dealer casino games are some of the most popular ways to play online today, and the trend is only growing.

While new online casinos open every month, land-based casinos are still going strong, with players flocking to brick-and-mortar buildings every day. When it comes to playing your favourite casino games at a live dealer casino or at a land-based casino, is there a difference? Let’s find out!

Play your hand with Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the world. Loved by many, this game is all about beating the dealer to 21. But is there a difference when playing online vs at a land-based casino? The simple answer is yes.

For starters, playing live dealer Blackjack is very convenient. There’s no need to dress up and travel in order to play your favourite games. While that can be fun from time to time, regular players will probably enjoy simply logging into a casino account to get started.

As for the game itself, many players prefer Blackjack with some speed. Live casino Blackjack is all about fast hands, quick deals, and making sure that hundreds of players stay entertained. When you’re playing at a land-based casino, the speed of the game will depend on the dealer, which could mean a slower pace.

Another great reason to play at a live dealer casino is the wide range of game options available. You can choose a Blackjack table with the perfect betting range and rules to suit your needs. A land-based casino doesn’t have the luxury of offering hundreds of different game types to suit every player.

Betting on Baccarat

When enjoying the game of Baccarat, betting online will always beat land-based casinos when it comes to the convenience of jumping right into the game you want to play. Besides that point, playing Baccarat at a land-based casino has its perks.

For instance, a lot of what Baccarat has to offer is about the atmosphere of the game and those around you. While live dealer Baccarat has unmistakable energy, there’s something special about sitting at a Baccarat table in person.

Where live dealer Baccarat takes the cake is the sheer range of games on offer. Most land-based casinos only provide one type of Baccarat, which can be very limiting. The betting limits are set, and the version may not be to your liking. When playing online, the options are staggering, and you can choose from hundreds of games that offer different limits, jackpots, and bonus bets.

Perfect for new players and high rollers, you can also look forward to interacting with a vibrant and friendly croupier for that real-world feel.

Spinning the Roulette wheel

When comparing online Roulette to playing at a land-based casino, this one is the hardest to balance. While playing online gives you a wide range of game options, different versions of Roulette to explore, and the chance to play on the go - there’s something exciting about playing Roulette at a land-based casino.

The electricity in the air and the thrill of watching the wheel spin to a stop with Roulette is beyond exciting!

The chance to interact with your fellow players as you wait for Lady Luck to decide your fate can be a lot of fun.

Live dealer casinos bring similar energy and action to your screen while also offering big bonuses and the chance to win special prizes along the way. In the case of Roulette, the winner of this playing experience is entirely up to your preference.

Ready to start playing? If these games have caught your eye, we have the ultimate guide to help you learn more about what you need to know about live casino games. Make the most of every bet and experience live casino games in style.

Published: October 18, 2022

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