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Lucky gambling rituals and habits

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Explore the different habits and rituals avid gamblers around the world use to enhance their luck playing online games.

When it comes to the world of gambling, you will find different types of players, from the recreational gambler to the professional.

Everyone has different reasons and draws that keep them captivated within the gaming industry. That’s why we’re delving into the mind of casino lovers to reveal some of the most interesting habits and rituals that should bring them extra luck.

Eating a lucky meal

There are plenty of cultures that believe food symbolises good fortune. Some players also have this in mind and trust in eating a tasty meal before gambling to give them more luck when playing their favourite casino games.

Gamblers from regions like Italy, Brazil, and Chile are counting on lentils as it resembles coins. The German and Polish will indulge in leafy greens like Kale as it resembles notes. And in China and Ireland, they eat pork which is believed to be tied to money.

Play the same game

Some players try their luck on different slots and games, while others have the habit of sticking to the same game every time. This goes for online and brick-and-mortar slot machines.

For more superstitious people, it can be bad luck to mix things up. If you want a slot to pay out, you need to stick to it. Interesting fact is that the statistics support this theory.

Get rid of bad auras

Another popular ritual among some players is to perform a cleansing ritual to enter the gaming environment without any unlucky auras floating about. This is done with meditation which can help you control your breathing and clear your mind.

First bonus cashout

Some gamblers believe in the ritual of cashing out as soon as you hit your fist bonus. This is a great responsible gambling practice habit that helps you remain in control.

The big problem many players have is forgetting that winning is by luck. Any win is a lucky one and should be celebrated regardless of size.

Stick with one casino

Not all rituals are favoured by many, but one habit that sticks out among avid gamblers is sticking to the same online casino. While this may come across as a silly ritual for boosting luck, some players believe quite strongly in it.

Gambling with astrology

Astrology is used by many to dictate what their day or actions ahead may bring. And while some apply this to their personal life, others use their daily horoscope to lead the way in gaming - eagerly checking if a negative or positive outcome will come from gaming activity.

If you are also an astrology fan, CasinoWow also has something for you! Check out how your lucky numbers are according to your zodiac sign.

Cross your fingers

Crossing your fingers has always been a way to say, ‘I wish you good luck’ when someone shares a dream or outcome they look forward to. And interestingly enough, many gamblers will keep their fingers crossed for themselves when spinning the reels or placing a bet. Even the most simple of traditions can be lucky…

Don’t cross your legs

Opposite to the crossed fingers, sitting with your legs crossed is believed to be a habit that closes you off to good luck. Hence, superstitious gamers will never sit with their legs crossed when playing online casino games.

Some cultures believe your feet firmly placed on the ground allows you to get in touch with the energy around you. And crossing your legs would mean restricting the intake of such energy.

Opting for red

Some believe in having lucky plants, others consider certain animals to bring them a fortune, and all across those symbols, many gamblers trust playing with lucky colours.

According to Chinese culture, the colour red brings good fortune. These believers will either wear red or bet on red when it’s an option in a game.

It remains a thing of luck

As you see, there are different unconventional habits and rituals that players have in place to increase their luck while playing at casinos.

Some players that have struck big wins or lucky payouts with that kind of ritual will believe this certain action brought on the wins. As such, they will perform the same habits for every gameplay.

It’s important to remember that despite superstition, no winning habit, ritual, or strategy can ever completely turn the odds in your favour. Winning remains luck based.

Published: August 1, 2023

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