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Possible legalisation of online gambling in France

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Preparations are being done for a regulated online casino market in France as the new bill gets reviewed.

Online casino gameplay is an entertaining activity that you can take part in, in various regions. Some regions already have legal options, whereas others are slowly joining in on regulated gaming action.

For French gamers, there could soon be a regulated online casino market as Bill 1248 is currently up for review by the French National Assembly.

A shift for French online gameplay

At the end of May 2023, it was revealed that Bill 1248 was presented by Philippe Latombe of the Democratic Movement party and that it is now awaiting its review by the French National Assembly. This Bill, when approved, could lead to the official legalisation of online casinos in France.

Now that the Bill is up for review, the groundwork is laid, and there is an opening for a regulated online casino market in France.

With an officially regulated online casino market, users will be able to enjoy a safe and secure betting experience.

What is to be expected?

It is said that the main proposal for the legislation calls for a ‘five-year moratorium,’ which essentially means that online casino gambling would be made legal for a five-year period. This would only be for ‘national actors.’

Article 1 refers to allowing operators to offer online casino games which are quite similar to the games offered in land-based casinos.

Article 2 of the legislation states that the legal industry would last until January 1st, 2030. At this time, the market will expand beyond the existing casino license holders and open to other operators who are looking to offer an online casino experience to players in the region.

This legislation will allow the existing licensees to develop within the economic conditions before the market becomes open to all. As the party believes that if the market opens fully immediately, it will upset the regulatory framework and weaken the national casino industry along with the economic balance of the municipality where it is located. Such events could have devastating consequences for employment in such sectors.

Article 3 says that online casino games will also be subject to the same levies operated by the state and local authorities as other forms of gambling within the region.

The current stance on online gaming in France

Currently, any form of online gaming is considered illegal in France. This is despite the fact that sports betting and horse race betting are available via approved operators and licensed land-based casinos, which are officially legal.

These activities do not correspond with Bill 1248, as it does not mean that players prefer to gamble online. The Bill for online gaming is being pushed with the current legal situation driving online casino players towards offshore, unlicensed sites that expose them to risk.

The belief is that legalising online casinos and issuing licenses to approved operators would create a safer gaming environment for players.

Other benefits would also include additional tax income for the country and better prevention of gaming activity on foreign sites. As the current ban in force against online casinos is reaching its limit.

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Published: June 20, 2023

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