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CasinoWow ready for the New Year with a brand new look and content!

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CasinoWow's website update - ready for 2022!

We at CasinoWow, believe that everything we do has to be for the sole purpose of helping our readers.

Helping them better understand the gambling world, pick the top online casinos from the vast lists of leading owners, and learn how to play smarter their favourite games.

Whether they’re new to the industry or are proficient, we have something for everyone! Now, even more than ever!

What’s new with CasinoWow

We took our time to go over the full content on our website and not only update it and make it up-to-date, but also add anything that could be missing so that you are fully informed.

Now, all of our pages are thoroughly enriched and filled with important insights, more detailed information, and valuable know-how.

A new menu, a new home page, and features all around the site? Yes, we have it all!

We’ve added many more FAQs to help you find all the answers you are looking for. We thought about the comparison you need for online casinos to help you make better choices.

That’s why we also added more Pros and Cons and made selections for you depending on countries, devices, bonuses and more. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll simply find it!

In making the website better, we joined all of our powers and worked hard on all fronts - developers, writers, web managers, experts, QAs, designers, and more. All of that led to the general update of CasinoWow’s look, content, and feel.

Let us say goodbye to 2021 by underlining the core objectives that drove us through the past years:

"We at CasinoWow, are thrilled to bring the most up-to-date content in the iGaming industry to our visitors. It has been a very challenging year due to the pandemic and strict regulations but we managed to meet all guidelines for responsible gambling and keep our visitors safe.

Our work will continue towards regulated online gambling so that we can offer the best online casinos in more countries."

New look for the site

We also took our time to think of the best ways to present our content. That’s why you will also find new sections, new looks, and more design inspirational changes.

On most of our pages, you’ll find recommendations on related topics, guides, news, games, or else. You’ll also find new tables and schemes to help you understand better what’s otherwise important but not easy to comprehend.

Our website’s new and colourful look might seem funky, but it’s actually a more fun way to represent the joy of playing all of the favourite online games. How can you not love it?!

More to come

We put a lot of effort into making this general website update a mission accomplished in the best possible way. But we won’t stop here! In the upcoming 2022, we have planned so much more to keep you excited!

Make sure you follow our social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram) and our News section to be the first to learn what new we have up our sleeves!

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