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The impact of AI on live gaming casinos

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Live dealer casinos and the impact AI will have on these popular casino games. Keep reading to learn more.

From all kinds of slots to live dealer variants, online casinos today offer various games for player entertainment. With the development and implementation of AI in the world of iGaming, plenty of questions are floating about.

One big question is how AI is used for live gaming and its impact on the future of live dealer casinos.

We take a closer look at AI and how it will be utilised in casino gaming.

Live Dealers vs AI

In the past few years, the salaries for live dealers have increased by over 150%, but with the rise of technology, there is the question of whether operators will move to AI for land-based and online gaming platforms.

It’s well-known that the live dealer is part of the experience that attracts players to live casino games. They serve multiple purposes, including providing guidance to new players and safeguarding all at the table from cheaters and possible confrontations.

That being said, there are various things that AI has the potential to do a lot better than live dealers.

Benefits of AI

Here are a few benefits AI may bring to live casino betting, which aims to serve players and operators.

  1. A reduction of mistakes in gameplay

    One of the most significant benefits is that AI could cover all the bases, including reducing potential mistakes. Live dealers are professionals and don’t often make mistakes, but there are times when it happens that they deal incorrectly. The chance of such errors is significantly reduced. There will also be quicker responses regarding checking to see if a mistake was made and providing a possible solution. AI can quickly spot errors leaving no room for grey areas.
  2. Improve the detection of problem gambling

    There is software for detecting problem gambling and increasing player protection, but the current technology seems outdated compared to AI. Artificial Intelligence will be able to instantly recognise problem players, allowing operators to step in before it’s too late. The technology can quickly identify common betting patterns and inconsistencies.
  3. Improved live sports betting

    The live sports betting industry is growing by the day, and AI has the potential to improve this form of playing even further. With AI, there will be a reduction of breaks in between the action and an improved live betting menu. This includes more variety in betting options and markets.

Future of AI in Live Casinos

There’s no denying that virtual reality and its implementation in casinos are getting much attention. The Apple Vision Pro launch has already caused quite a stir, and as it becomes more mainstream, casinos may use the technology to boost the visual appeal.

There’s a possibility that in the future, you’ll be able to put on your headset and get transported to a customised casino site that includes exciting tournaments and all your favourite games.

One of the main obstacles at the current time is making AI look real. AI dealers are not yet at the level where they look real or act as humans would. That being said, the constant improvements could change within the next couple of years.

Soon you might not even be able to tell the difference between what AI is and what is a real person. And with its versatility, this could easily be implemented across all casino games and not just live dealer variants.

The future of AI within the Live Casino industry needs to be clarified, but there is plenty of potential for growth and improvement. The biggest challenge will be imitating or replacing the aspect of human communication.

One of the biggest draws to live dealer games is the personal experience of getting up close and personal with a dealer. AI technology has a long way to go in imitating or replacing that aspect. Should this barrier be crossed, there’s a good chance AI might just be able to take over entirely in live casinos. But would that be for the best?

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Published: July 27, 2023

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