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Co-Founder, CTO

CasinoWow was once just an idea and for it to become what it is today, we have Mike to thank. Working on this project as a true passion has led him to create something that today is more than successful.

Mike always thinks of the gambling family as his own and everything that he does is with a thought of safety, responsibility, and reliability. CasinoWow is Wow because of him.

You’ll find Mike working on our website during the day, the night, during the sunrise, the sunset, during the lunch break, and on his favourite holiday. True leadership comes from one’s dedication first.

His passions begin with online casinos and games, go through web design and structure, and all the way to content management.

Mike’s certifications and degrees were once just the start of his learning journey, as he continues to expand his know-how each day. He has a master's degree in Advancement Manufacturing in Construction, which helped him discover ERP systems and later led to his passion for digital marketing platforms in the gambling industry.

Sign: Taurus
Superpower: Getting things done
What makes him smile: A glass of nice wine

Favourite Games

About our review process

We at CasinoWow, are committed to always providing the most unbiased and thorough reviews on casino brands, bonuses, games, providers, and license operators. Knowing what’s most important for the players’ sake, our work is always driven by the most important gambling insights and how to keep the gambling community informed, educated, and prepared. Learn more About us and how things get done, by becoming part of our Wow family!

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