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Blackjack Pro 3 Box

Blackjack Pro 3 Box

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Read our in-depth review for all the details on NetEnt’s Blackjack Pro 3 Box, including bet levels, max wins and a 99.60% RTP.

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Blackjack Pro 3 Box Review

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Blackjack Pro 3 Box

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Desktop, Mobile

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Blackjack Games

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Game Review

Blackjack Pro 3 Box by NetEnt

The online gambling industry has changed a lot over the past few years, but some things remain the same. While new games appear on the market daily many players choose to stick to long-time favourites such as blackjack. With NetEnt’s Blackjack Pro 3 Box you’ll easily be able to enjoy a few stress-free hands where you can try new strategies and forget the worries of the day.

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

NetEnt is not known as one of the industry provider leaders for no reason. Their games are of the highest quality with superb graphics and sounds. While their slot games come with more noise and excitement, their table games provide the exact look and feel players crave.

The casino game has a beautiful green table which takes up most of the screen and a spectacular jazz soundtrack playing in the background. The smooth soundtrack will provide a calming feel as you enjoy a superb game of Blackjack.

The design of the slot makes it feel like you’ve taken a seat at a real live Blackjack table. The whole vibe of this slot is one of enjoyment and relaxing. Even the cards being dealt or the chips being placed on the table are smooth and subtle. It’s a superb design and gives off the feel of playing a very exclusive Blackjack game. The game design is clean and crisp with beautiful designs and clearly defined betting areas. All betting limits are displayed on the table, and the cards are clear to read.

Game Mechanics

In this Blackjack variant, the table takes up the entire screen, making it perfect for playing on any device. Right at the bottom of the screen, three-betting boxes are displayed, and you get to select how many you would like to place bets in. You also get to determine the value of individual each bet. Each box is a new bet so you can even be bold and bet low in one and high in another.

The minimum bet for NetEnt’s Blackjack Pro 3 Box is set at €1.00 per hand and can be increased up to €40.00 per hand. If you play all hands at a maximum, you’ll be playing a total of €120.00 in a single game round.

The game comes with a Re-bet button which enables you to place the same bet for the second round. So if your previous game were a €5 bet in all three boxes, it would be played that way again. Using the Re-bet function can make things move a little faster at times. And it saves you the trouble of having to select your betting options manually each time.

Bonus Features

Blackjack Pro 3 Box is one of the elite Blackjack games on the market and allows players to play up to three hands at a time. The game also offers a 1:1 payout whenever you manage to hit a Blackjack. 

If the Dealer is dealt an Ace as a face card, you will have the option to take out insurance. Keep in mind that this will mean you have to pay half the original bet. And if the Dealer is dealt Blackjack, you will lose your base bet but will win 2:1 on your insurance bet.

The game also enables you to Split your hand if you are dealt two cards with the same value in a single betting box. And there is a Double Down feature that enables you to double your bet to increase your wins after you’ve seen your first two cards. After a Double Down, you can only get one additional card to complete your hand. And you are allowed to double down after a Split.

Play ‘On The Go’

NetEnt’s Blackjack Pro 3 Box is a marvellous game to play and thanks to its design work wonderfully on mobile devices. With its crisp and clear graphics, soothing soundtrack and smooth gameplay, it will feel like you’ve stepped into a land-based casino while playing on your tablet or mobile device. You can enjoy the Blackjack Pro 3 Box game from anywhere at any time as long as you have a stable internet connection.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

Blackjack is one of the classic casino games that will never lose its popularity. The game allows you to try new strategies and win while you’re at it. If you enjoy high-quality Blackjack games, then Blackjack Pro 3 Box from NetEnt comes highly recommended. You can try the game at any NetEnt powered online casino today.

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Blackjack Pro 3 Box FAQs

What is the RTP of this casino game?

This table game has a massive RTP of 99.60%.

What is the theme of this casino game?

NetEnt has ensured that this casino game has the perfect Blackjack theme with the highest quality possible.

Is this game suitable for new players?

Yes. Even those who have never played Blackjack will easily be able to pick up how the game works.

Is this a live dealer casino game?

No. This is not a live dealer casino game.

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Blackjack Pro 3 Box

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