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Mobile Casino Bonuses

Published by Kally | April 1, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What is a Mobile Casino Bonus?

There was a time when online casino gamers were a bit reticent about the introduction of mobile casino gambling. Many of the critics in the industry did not believe that online casino users would drop their desktops in favour of smaller less powerful processing devices.

While this may have been true at the introduction to mobile gameplay, the devices that we carry in our pockets today are an absolute marvel in technological “wonderment”. Most mobile phones today have multiple processors, decent RAM, and far better storage space. The High Definition displayed on devices today rivals that of any laptop or desktop computer.

Modern internet connections have done the industry a great service. Improved line speeds mean that you don’t often have spotty connections, which was the common case a little less than a decade back. Mobile devices can now link to fast internet via WiFi, meaning that gaming sessions do not have to eat into your personal data bundles.

Even if you must resort to mobile data at times, the speeds have significantly improved over the years. Gone are the days of EDGE connections. In fact, in most cities in the world today you can access super-fast 4G LTE connections, which make the intermediate 3G connections seem slow by comparison.

Technology has reached a place where mobile anything can thrive, and as such various mobile casinos use the drawcard of mobile bonuses to entice players over to a whole new world of “iGaming”.

The preferred choice

Mobile gambling has grown to such an extent that market leaders, such as NetEnt, often bring their slot games out in the mobile format before desktop versions are available to the public. The reason for this is that the industry is aware that the gaming on the go trend is on the increase, with gaming optimisations expressly designed for mobile use. What better way is there to promote these brand-new games and on-the-go services than offering nice bonus incentives to get people to play them.

Not only is playing on a mobile convenient from a speed aspect but it is also convenient in the fact that you can relax and play from just about anywhere you choose. Play while waiting for the bus, or when riding in a taxi. Take a quick few spins on your favourite slot game during your lunch break, or wherever else you may find yourself.

Because of the influx of converts to the mobile market, the degree of competition has stiffened considerably. Casinos are constantly in the fight to offer the best deals to keep the competitive edge. This is done by offering top mobile casino bonuses. In fact, mobile bonuses these days seem even more lucrative than the desktop offering.

Popular Mobile Casino Bonus offers

Types of Mobile Casino Bonuses
Explore the different types of mobile casino bonuses and promotions. 

There are three main types of device software versions supported at mobile casinos, these being: Android Software, iOS (Apple) Software, and Blackberry Software. Often exclusive bonuses are offered in support of particular software. Make sure that the bonus suits your phone or tablet, before attempting to sign up for it.

Types of Mobile Casino Bonuses include

Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus requires the client to place a deposit down before being able to claim any bonus prize. Various promotions in this category, include:

  • Deposit Match Bonuses - With Deposit Match Bonuses, a casino will offer to match your deposit by a certain percentage. For example, the offer might read a 200% match of a deposit up to €200. If you opt to claim the bonus and deposit €100, the casino will match that by 200%, affording you an extra €200 to your bankroll of €100. You now have €300 to gamble with.
  • Welcome Package Bonuses - This is a combination of bonuses offered to both first-time and long-time members, just in various forms. Common Welcome Package Bonuses will include a Match Bonus + free spins, or a normal deposit (no match) + free spins. The offers would look something like this: Deposit Match of 100% + 250 free spins, or Deposit a Minimum of €300 and win 300 Free Spins.
  • Cashback Bonuses - Cashback Bonuses come in one of two forms. Either a casino will award you with loyalty points for playing games, which can be converted to cash, or you will be rewarded against your losses as a percentage of the wagers that you have placed over a period of time. This last one will help you recoup a small portion of your losses.

All of these above-listed types of bonuses can come as a VIP Bonus variant. The only difference between a VIP bonus and a regular bonus is the amount of money spent to qualify and the degree of payoff. Wagering Requirements will often differ slightly too.

No Deposit Bonus

The No Deposit Bonus does not require a deposit to be made in order to enjoy the perks of the promotion but often comes with rigorous playthrough rules and Wagering Requirements. These may include a promo like:

  • Free Spins Bonus bundles - This is the most common form of No Deposit Bonus. Often you will be able to claim free spins without paying a thing. With Free Spins Bonus will however be Wagering Requirements tied into this type of deal (see “Wagering Requirements” under the heading, “Terms” below).

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Terms of Mobile Casino Bonuses

As with all online casinos, mobile casinos will also need to protect themselves from fraud and abuse by players when it comes to the promotions offered. For this reason, mobile casinos have implemented stringent rules and regulations for players making use of these bonuses:

What are the wagering requirements?

Although the mobile version of this regulation may differ slightly (read up on bonus terms and conditions on the casino site), the principles remain the same. Before you can claim any of the wins earned from a bonus, you will need to make sure that you satisfy the wagering requirements. This involves wagering the bonus amount multiple times. Each casino stipulates its own multiple.

An example of such a bonus would look like this: a 100% deposit match bonus with a playthrough requirement of 30x. This means that if you deposit €100, the casino will match that deposit with €100 to extend your bankroll to €200. You will have to wager that €100 given to you a minimum of 30 times before drawing any of the winnings. This means that you will have to bet an amount of €3000 before claiming any pay-outs.

Free spins will require you to wager your own money on a specified number of spins before claiming any free spins. For instance, the bonus may offer 300 free spins that can only be activated after 1000 normal game spins (at your cost).

Game limitations

Be sure to check if there are any game limitations attached to a Mobile Bonus. Some offers are tied to a specific game title, while others are tied to a genre of game, like slots only.

Other limitations may allow you to play another genre of Mobile game, such as Poker, but each wager on the game will satisfy a smaller percentage of the Wagering Requirements.

For example, where certain slot games will contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement (1:1), a game like Blackjack may only contribute 50% of the wager (1:2), which means you will have to bet twice as much on such games.

Promo expiry

Be aware that there is always an expiry date on a bonus. It could be 24 hrs or 7 days, and in some cases, a month.

Withdrawal limits

Often bonus offers will be subject to a maximum withdrawal amount. Be sure of what this is, to prevent frustration at cash out.

CasinoWow verdict

The simple truth is that nowadays you are more likely to get a vast number of bonus incentives offered to you via mobile than via normal online establishments. Casinos are trying to get you onto both platforms because the more opportunity you have to play, the more probable it is that you will play. This, of course, is in the casinos' best interest.

Ensure that you make use of Mobile Casinos that can back up their offers. We, at CasinoWow, have made it our duty to find the best Mobile Casino Bonuses for you. You can rest assured that these vendors are reputable, having been tried via rigorous testing, only to come out on top.

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