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Progressive Jackpot Slots guide

Published by Niki | April 1, 2019

Progressive Jackpot overview

The jackpot on any game is typically the highest win that can be made on a particular slot game from a single combination over the reel set, on one spin. This win variance can range from 10x your bet to hundreds of thousand times your bet. These factors all depend on what slot title you are playing, and whether it carries a “Progressive Jackpot” or not.

This guide is here to aid you in understanding what a “Progressive Jackpot” is, and how you can win one. Here at CasinoWow, we will discuss the terms and other information surrounding winning at Jackpot Slots.

Progressive Jackpot Guide

Regular Jackpots

Before explaining what a Progressive Jackpot is, it would serve you well to understand what a combinational or standard jackpot is, so as never to confuse the two.

Standard jackpots are usually won by landing a combination of the same reel symbol across all of the positions in a single payline. So, on a 5-reel machine, you will need to land 5 of the same symbol across one payline. This will award you the top prize awarded by the machine. Most often, the highest paying symbol is a “wild”. These jackpots can be won in the base game or in a special bonus round.

Progressive Jackpot

This form of jackpot differs from the standard jackpot spoken about above, in the following ways:

  • The top prize fluctuates based on the number of players playing that specific title across the network. A portion of each individual player’s wager will go towards the accumulative progressive jackpot total, which is usually shown at the top of the screens, above the reels. As the prize grows, the intrigue to play the title grows.
  • This form of jackpot cannot be won with a specific winning combination. Sometimes a set of bonus symbols might activate a “Jackpot Round”, but you will still need to progress through the round in order to actually win any jackpot. More often than not, the Progressive Jackpot round will be activated randomly after any spin.
  • These jackpots can often offer multiple millions of Euros as a top prize, instead of only a few thousand credits, like regular combinational jackpots. Games like Mega Fortune Slot and Mega Moolah are among the top paying progressive slots around, and the top prize is rarely under a million Euros.
  • There are often three Progressive Jackpots applied to a progressive slot. These are generally named the minor, medium, and major jackpots. Winning the higher ones is usually dependent on your total bet when the bonus is triggered.

Progressive Jackpots can be limited to only specific game titles, either at one casino or across the network of providers that carry that specific title. There are also different titles available, that form part of a series of online slots that are all subject to the same Progressive Jackpot.

An example of a series of slots like this would be the “DC Universe” slots from Microgaming. Here, titles like the “Batman” slots, “Super Man” slots, or “Green Lantern” slots carry the same jackpot prize.

General terms in winning progressive jackpots:

The terms involved in winning Progressive Jackpots can vary slightly from one slot provider to the next, but the general premise remains the same throughout. Below are several terms that govern the paying out of general Progressive Jackpots.

  • Progressive Jackpot wins are subject to verification by the casino and the software provider who own the license to the game. No correspondence will be entered as all decisions are final.
  • A delay of up to 30 seconds is expected to display the value of the jackpot. On very rare occasions, it may happen that two jackpots are won within those 30 seconds that have elapsed before the jackpot can be locked to a specific user. In this case, the second jackpot winner will receive the new re-seeded jackpot amount, which will most probably be less than the previously displayed jackpot. Usually, all players across the network will be notified within 30 seconds that the jackpot has been won and it will be re-seeded.
  • When a game round makes a claim for a certain jackpot, it will be locked for that game round. It is therefore impossible to have two winners of one jackpot.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure that the jackpot displayed on your screen is the same as the jackpot reflecting at the casino in live time, the display at the casino takes priority over the one displayed on your game screen, and it is this one that will be paid out to the bankroll.
  • If the jackpot counter displays a currency different to the one you are playing with, the equivalent converted value will be paid out to you in your currency.
  • To receive payouts of jackpots into real money, you will need to explore the terms of the maximum payout for your casino. Often, you will not be able to cash out the entire sum won, all at once.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Hints to winning Progressive Jackpots

It is impossible to discern when a slot will pay out a jackpot, or activate a jackpot round, as the machines are governed by “random number generators”. This means that you cannot manipulate the slot into paying out through any tricks and tactics etc.

Although there is no guaranteed formula to winning at the slots, we can provide a couple of hints that will ensure that your wins are bigger, rather than smaller, when “lady luck” does come knocking.

  • As said previously, most slots have a minor, medium and major jackpot available. The determining factor of which jackpot you will compete for if the “jackpot round” triggers, is dependent on your current wager. To win big at a casino, you need to bet big. We appreciate the fact that limited bankrolls cannot sustain such aggressive wagering, so we suggest that you adjust your bet up and down ever 30 or so spins. This could see you trigger the round with a max bet, which means that if you are successful in the jackpot round, you will reap the maximum from your efforts.
  • In most cases, playing slots should be approached as a marathon, rather than as a sprint race. Pace yourself and be patient. If you leave the game too soon because it is frustrating you, you could be walking out on big wins.
  • Use casino bonuses to help you eat away at spins on a specific title. This will help you endure the marathon set before you.
  • Have a look at when the jackpot was last won. If it has been a while, your chances of winning it are increased. If it was won today, your chances are slim. Remember, casinos are businesses that know how to make money. They would suffer a huge loss if they frequently paid out massive jackpots, so do not expect a jackpot a day.
  • There are a number of casinos and dubious game providers out there who are ready to do you in for your money. Choose a reputable provider, before you waste your money on dud games. Our list of online casinos and game providers are all tried and tested and offer a reputable service to you, their players.

It is our hope that through this guide, you will be aptly equipped to engage “progressive slots” with confidence. We pride ourselves in arming casino players with all the tools needed to be online casino gambling successes. We truly hope that you are successful in your online gaming adventures. May favour find you on every reel spin!

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