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Top 5 casino games popular in China

Published by Niki | February 8, 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Popular Chinese gambling games
  2. Lucky elements of the Chinese New Year
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Popular Chinese gambling games

Chinese games tend to be loved and played by many and not only in online casinos. There are many tile-based, land-based casino games, and board games that are popular in China. Even though they are trendy there, players from all around the world are fond of them!

The lucky money is a tradition for the Chinese New Year and inspired by it we dive into the games of luck and skills so that you can also get festive!

Top 5 casino games popular in China

Lucky elements of the Chinese New Year

The lucky elements for 2021 are the Metal Ox and the white colour. To complete the palette, yellow and green will also bring luck to people in 2021.

The Chinese New Year is the longest and most important holiday for the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated from seven to fifteen days and makes everything festive about them! To join their cheer, we are happily sharing these five Chinese games and Chinese New Year slots you can try.

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