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SkillOnNet launch Mentor, an AI led Safer Gambling program

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Building a reputation as an award-winning online slot developer with more than 1200 titles under their belt, SkillOnNet has been immersed in the world of online gambling since 2005.

In addition to game development, they provide the gaming software that has garnered them recognition in the fields of white label partnerships and casino operations.

At the core of their success lies a deep understanding of the needs of the players their software ultimately supports and a drive to utilise new and exciting technologies to drive the growth and security of the iGaming industry as a whole.

Hello, my name is Mentor

The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence is one that is as exciting as it is misunderstood with it often conjuring the opening scene from Terminator, where we see metallic feet crunching across a sea of skulls.

While that is fantastic for science fiction and Hollywood, the reality is that machine learning and artificial intelligence are a part of our daily lives in ways that we gloss over.

Systems like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are all examples of AI interactions we use daily. Ever searched for a specific product online only to receive a coupon or advert for that product on Facebook or in Gmail? All of it is driven by machine learning.

At its core, machine learning simply absorbs thousands of data points and uses parameters set by the company using it to present you with the products you’re most likely going to be interested in.

SkillOnNet has partnered with data science specialist, Neccton to bring Mentor to the iGaming space.

Andy Andrew, Head of Compliance at SkillOnNet, said:

We are thrilled to have joined forces with Neccton, bringing its state-of-the-art machine learning Safer Gambling tool to our in-house online casino brands and those of our white-label partners.”

The Mentor is a machine learning Safer Gambling tool that rather than selling you a product will look at a myriad of data points to help brands such PlayOJO, AHTI Games, DrueckGlueck, LuckyNiki, EUCasino and SlotsMagic identify potential at-risk players and gently guide them to safety.

How does Mentor work?

Like any good Mentor, the system is designed to work with you, not against you. By factoring in pre-recognised red flags from industry experts Mentor will be on the lookout for erratic wagering, risky bets, unusual deposits, unusual times and time-periods of play to determine if the players in question need assistance or support.

Dr. Micahel Auer, Director at Neccton, said:

Academic research is at the core of our work. Over the last ten years, we have published more studies than anybody else in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming. We have shown what works and what does not work and are constantly improving our solution based on academic evidence and best practice.

Based on the input Mentor has been programmed with by behavioural scientists and psychologists it will begin a tailored conversation based on clinical psychologists William R Miller and Stephen Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing counselling approach.

The aim of Motivational Interviewing is to guide and nudge a person towards a decision that is in their best interest without forcing them to do so. The system presents information and advice which speaks to self-care and avoiding harm.

Published: March 12, 2020

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