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The use of Blocking Software and the different types available

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The use of Blocking Software, the different types available, and its effectiveness in reducing problem gambling online.

Playing online casino games can be highly entertaining, but it can also become troublesome for some.

For this very reason, there are helplines, tools, and resources available to control gaming and block access where necessary.

We look at browser blocking programs and other options available to players who are struggling to control their gaming.

What is blocking software?

Blocking software is a computer program or application that you can use to keep from accessing a particular website or service. It is a beneficial tool for those struggling with controlling their gambling.

When you start looking at blocking software, you will find that there are two different types of blocking software you can utilize.

  1. Gambling Specific Blocking Software – This is blocking software specifically designed to block gambling websites.
  2. General Blocking Software – This is software designed to block any sites you no longer want access to. With this software, you can block any sites and set the access permissions and parental controls.

Different blocking software available

Different blocking software applications and programs are currently available to benefit players at online casinos.

Gambling-specific blocking software you can access includes:

  • Gamblock: www.gamblock.com – Available on Windows Computers and Android Phones
  • BetFilter: www.betfilter.com – Available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • BetBlocker: https://betblocker.org/ - Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • NetNanny (General Blocking Software): www.netnanny.com – Available on Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Gamban: www.gamban.com – Available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac

Register at GamStop

GamStop is not a browser blocker, but it is another effective way of blocking your access to online gaming. When you register at GamStop, you’ll have to provide your details, which will be added to a database. These details will then be used to ensure that you cannot register at any online casino.

It is recommended that even if you are using a browser blocking program, you still take the step of registering at GamStop. It’s a safety net that will serve as an additional defence if you decide to lift the block.

Once you register at GamStop, you will not be able to access any gambling websites or apps licensed in Great Britain for a certain time duration. GamStop also gives you access to a range of other resources where you can get support, advice, and the help you require.

Is blocking software free?

You will find that some blocking software can be used without any additional cost charged for the services. While other options will charge a fee.

When you click on any blocking software link, you will immediately see if the service is free or if there are fees charged for using the services. Some do provide a free trial period. From there, you can choose to pay for the services annually or monthly.

The services come at a low cost, with the subscription tailored to your needs providing you access to all the resources you may need.

Does blocking software work?

When you’re playing online, and you start having issues in terms of control, you want to curb the problem as quickly as possible. It makes sense that you’d want to find a solution that works. There’s a reason that blocking software has become so popular.

GambleAware has gone as far as to test many blocking software packages with information on their effectiveness available on the website. The idea was to determine whether the blocking software reduces gambling-related harm and provides long-term benefits for responsible gambling.

The research shows that the blocking software is effective in terms of restricting access to online gambling. Gambling-specific blocking software performed very well in blocking even the illegal and offshore gambling sites.

In some ways, just having the software installed proved to be enough of a deterrent for some of the respondents.

While the software is beneficial in terms of limiting access to gambling sites, it is still highly recommended to get additional help. Call in support of loved ones to keep you accountable or contact professionals to get treatment if you feel a serious problem is developing.

While the apps and software play an important role in curbing your access, it is only part of the solution. There is still a need for treatment of the symptoms and to address the root of the issue.

It starts with good blocking software

Suppose you’re ever at a stage where you feel that you are developing a gaming problem or losing control of your spending online. In that case, it might be time to install blocking software.

Taking back control starts with setting up restrictions which include good blocking software or even self-exclusion via GamStop if you need a clean break.

From there, you can get additional help utilizing the resources available via sites like GamCare and GambleAware. Online gaming should always be a source of entertainment rather than becoming an obsession you need to feed.

Always play responsibly. Use the responsible gambling tools the casino provides and keep your sessions short and sweet.

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