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BGC drives for more responsible gaming marketing

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The current focus of the betting and gaming council is driving more responsible gaming marketing on social media.

When you start exploring all the online gambling industry has to offer, you quickly realise there are many focus points within it.

While the priority is to enhance the experience with high-quality casino games and easy-access payment methods, the industry is also becoming more focused on responsible gaming.

The main priority is creating a safer gaming environment for all online players.

Raising the standards

As the UK's Betting and Gaming Council CEO, Michael Dugher, has clearly stated: “Our number one priority remains to raise standards and drive big changes.”

The idea is to create a united voice for the UK casino industry with world-class standards of safe and fair betting.

And the current focus is on safer gambling marketing, where social media moguls are being urged to cooperate in an effort to limit advertising towards young people or problem gamblers.

As a standard, the BGC wants to implement new measures focusing on online adverts that are undermined by social media platforms.

Dugher wants social media platforms to participate in the attempts to take on problem gambling, especially when it comes to the youth.

In the explanation, Mr Dugher touches on social media platforms giving the public the opportunity to opt out of receiving betting and gambling advertising. But members also need to comply with other measures, such as the option to sign up for the self-exclusion tool GamStop.

GamStop and social advertising

The industry is looking at a marketing suppression scheme that could stop 300,000 people registering on GamStop to stop receiving direct marketing via social media. But Dugher says that this is impossible to achieve unless social media platforms cooperate.

Another focus point is to get social media platforms to limit the number of ads to certain age groups. While the BGC has done everything to ensure that only the legally allowed can see the ads. At this time, only members aged 25 and older can see gambling ads. But social media lacks the necessity to provide evidence of the right age groups being targeted.

With a new code of conduct, the BGC has managed to ban football clubs from using social media for betting-related posts.

This is a great concern within the industry as stats show that over 22.5 million adults within the UK participate in betting monthly, and the current problem gambling numbers are at a low 0.3%.

A better betting tomorrow

According to Betting and Gaming Council Chair Brigid Simmonds, they have already implemented several evidence-led measures to address public concerns regarding the volume, tone, and content of advertising.

The aim is to set the highest advertising and marketing standards and address all marketing concerns in the betting industry while simultaneously creating a safer gambling environment.

Future focus points include dedicated measures surrounding sponsorship activities and more possibilities in collaboration with social media platforms, such as removing negative keywords and preventing rogue advertising.

What the BGC provides

The BGC is committed to creating a safe environment all can enjoy and features the latest gaming and industry changes news. The site covers a broad range of topics, such as safer gambling marketing cooperation and the impact of sports and punters on charities.

There are also annual events such as Safer Gambling Week, which this year will be happening from the 13th to 19th of November 2023.

During this time, the BGC and participating members strive to create awareness surrounding problem gambling and the tools and resources in place to assist players in maintaining control and preventing gambling problems.

The goal above everything is to establish a new industry standard for safer gambling and create an environment that protects players and youngsters from the dangers of problem gambling.

Meanwhile you are welcomed to get more information about the responsible gambling from our play safe guides dedicated on this topic.

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